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by | May 4, 2015 | coaching, Life

Successful people:

  • are not necessarily¬†successful as the world may define it.
  • are the ones who live with integrity.
  • keep their focus heavenward, first of all.
  • spend time to keep their inner-life on track.
  • care about people more than they care about their own success.
  • are sowing seeds toward eternity, not this life.
  • refuse to let discouragement have a moment of their time or an ounce of their energy.
  • are prayerful about their direction and decisions.
  • know that people are more important than things.
  • care more about giving than getting.
  • hold possessions loosely.
  • invest in things that please the heart of God.
  • are flexible, hospitable, and gracious.
  • walk by the Spirit in their private world, family, and business.