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Carey Green : Pastor, Author, Podcaster

Carey has spent 30+ years in Christian ministry, pastoring churches, publishing books and studies to benefit and aid the growth of God’s people, and broadcasting the good news of Jesus. Scroll down to find resources that may benefit your walk with Jesus.


The Morning Mindset Podcast

Join over 12,000 people  who listen to the Morning Mindset everyday and get your mind aligned with the truth of God’s word.

These 6 to 7 minute episodes come straight from the Bible, are loaded with practical application you can use today, and end with a prayer for God’s insight and power to send you on your way.

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You & Me & Jesus

This is a Christian Marriage podcast like no other. Join Carey and his wife, Mindi as they discuss the realities of married life and dig deeply into the teaching and principles of the Bible to better understand how God desires marriage to look.

You’ll find practical, situational applications by the end of each of the episodes… and a prayer to wrap it up, asking God to empower your marriage and help you obey Him.

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God Fearing Kids & the Parents Who Raise Them

If your heart beats with passion for your children to know and follow hard after Jesus for their entire lives, this podcast is for you. Carey and his wife Mindi discuss their own parenting journey of 33 years and counting, applying their biblical lessons-learned to everyday situations.

Join them to learn the heart of Christian parenting and how you can develop the skills that will enable you to lead your child’s heart to the heart of God!

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The Morning Mindset Story

The Morning Mindset was first published January 1st, 2018 – but the idea began a few months before. Carey Green is a retired Pastor of 20 years who just can’t retire. He’s eager to see the family of Jesus actually BE the people of God in this world. Upon reflecting on his own need for a daily “shot in the soul” to get his mind aligned with the truth of God, he realized that short daily audio might be a helpful tool for others to use as well. Over 71,000 daily downloads prove he was right.


FICTION: The Dragon Slayer Chronicles

A dragon attack on a dark evening strips a 6 year old boy from his family, changing his life forever. Hon’s hatred for the beasts fuels his life’s purpose: to recruit and train a band of dragon slayers to destroy the monsters. But the beasts do not act alone: Their evil masters – adherents of an ancient ancestral cult – are determined to dominate all lands.

The 3 novel set of Christian Fiction explores biblical themes, teaches powerful life lessons and entertains – all at the same time. For ages 13+ (some adult topics and violence).

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FICTION: The Dragon Slayer Chronicles Omnibus (3 in 1)

The Dragon Slayer Chronicles Christian Fantasy Fiction Omnibus

A dragon attack on a dark evening strips a 6 year old boy from his family, changing his life forever. Hon’s hatred for the beasts fuels his life’s purpose: to recruit and train a band of dragon slayers to destroy the monsters. But the beasts do not act alone: Their evil masters – adherents of an ancient ancestral cult – are determined to dominate all lands.

All 3 Dragon Slayer Chronicles novels in on hard-cover edition, with special edition artwork cover, and character artwork inside. Ages 13+ (adult subject-matter and violence).

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FICTION: The Great Smizzmozzel Bash

Christian children's picture book - the great smizzmozzel bash

A rolicking, rhyming, adventure – in the spirit of Dr. Seuss! It’s a story that reveals the origin of the Great Smizzmozzel Bash, a fanciful party held every year in the Jungles of Boon!

    • Why do the colorful animals celebrate every year?
    • How did the elephant princess become the elephant queen?
    • How was the kindgom saved from the wrath of the evil monkey, Zebow?
    • How did the mysterious Smizzmozzel save the day, the jungle, and the elephant King?

    If you like Dr. Seuss, you’ll love the imaginative creatures, words, and rhymes contained in The Great Smizzmozzel Bash!

    All text and images by Carey Green.

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    NON-FICTION: The Elder Training Handbook

    The Elder Training Handbook: an assessment and training tool for the church

    Are you a Pastor or Elder team looking for an effective way to IDENTIFY, ASSESS, and EQUIP men for the role of Biblical Eldership? If so, this could be the resource you’ve been looking for.

    This handbook is not offered as a magic formula or fool-proof method for finding or equipping men for the role of Elder. No such thing exists. Scripture clearly teaches that men are only appointed to the role of Elder by the determination of the Holy Spirit (Acts 20:28).

    Instead, this handbook is designed to serve as a tool in that Spirit-led process. It is an aid in discerning the will of the Spirit, first through assessment of the man being considered, and secondly through training for those who appear to be called to serve as Elders.

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    NON-FICTION: Moving Toward God

    Moving Toward God - Finding God from square one: A newbie's guide to the basics of Christianity: 19 lessons for spiritual growth

    Here’s the resource for the brand-new, never-been-to-church-before person who is seriously seeking to know what Christianity is all about.

    If you want to get to know God, but are confused by all the religious mumbo jumbo you hear at church, you’re not alone. Plenty of people find it hard to connect with God when they don’t understand the Christianese their Christian friends are speaking! (Yes, it is another language 🙂

    But you’re in luck… or I should say, “You’re blessed by God!”

    Moving Toward God, is truly a newbie’s guide to the basics of Christianity. In this book you’ll find out who God is, how Jesus is related to Him (besides being His Son), and how you can have eternal life, beginning now.

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    NON-FICTION: Recharge: Spiritual Devotional Methods

    RECHARGE: Spiritual devotional methods to recharge your spiritual life, improve your spiritual health, & grow your intimacy with God.: Reenergize, rejuvenate, and restart your daily quiet time

    This short but powerful book could RECHARGE your relationship with Christ! 
    God’s Word (the Bible) is powerful. So powerful it can transform your life!

    But too often people get stuck in daily devotional ruts because they don’t realize that there are HUNDREDS of ways to study and learn the truth of God’s word. God’s truth is there, they just don’t know how to uncover it.

    In RECHARGE you are going to learn practical mindsets and methods to studying the word of God that can help you keep your daily time with Him (quiet time) fresh, alive, and meaningful.

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      NON-FICTION: The Marriage Improvement Project

      The Marriage Improvement Project: a daily devotional study for Christian couplesMarriage was created by God to be a wonderful blessing, to every married couple and to the watching world… but time, sin, and our culture can make keeping your marriage in good repair difficult at best.

      In The Marriage Improvement Project (MIP), Pastor Carey Green draws on the word of God, his own marriage, and years of pastoral and marriage counseling to teach the foundational truths of how God intends marriage to be.

      The MIP is designed for spouses to complete separately (separate copies are helpful), with team projects to work on periodically together.

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      NON-FICTION: Proverbs: A monthly scripture & devotional journal

      PROVERBS : A Monthly Scripture & Devotional Journal

      In the quest for God’s wisdom, Christians around the world have long followed a pattern of reading the chapter of the book of PROVERBS that corresponds to the day of the month. This monthly journal is designed to maximize that practice.


      Inside you will find…

      • The “True Vine English Bible” text for each chapter in the book of Proverbs.
      • Plenty of space within the text for notes, highlights, circles, arrows, symbols, etc.
      • Full “notes” pages set across from each page of the biblical text, to allow you to journal, sketch, diagram, etc.
      • An introduction that summarizes the power and usefulness of the ancient Jewish wisdom literature we know as “proverbs.”

      I created this journal for myself. If it can help you, then I’m happy about that. Use it to monthly (yes, monthly) re-read the Proverbs, taking notes, gaining and growing in wisdom.

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        NON-FICTION: Humility: The Beauty of Holiness Study Guide

        Humility: The Beauty of Holiness (Annotated): Individual or Group Study Guide of the classic Christian devotional by Andrew MurrayThis fully annotated edition of “Humility: The beauty of holiness” includes:

        • The complete text of the original work, minus the “Notes” section at the end.
        • Updated text for modern readers’ help and comprehension
        • Original study questions and exercises for deeper reflection
        • An introductory section that contains an original, brief biography of the author, Rev. Andrew Murray
        • Chapter summary pages for note taking and contemplation
        • End-of-chapter prayer exercises to apply what you learn

        Within these covers is the ENTIRETY of his book, with a few modifications. I’ve updated the language in places so modern readers struggle a bit less and benefit a bit more. I’ve formatted the layout of the text to make it more readable and easy to comprehend.

        You’ll have to do some deep thinking to use this book effectively. And it will require you to act on what you think about, because without action there will be no change in your life.

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        Carey is Lead Pastor at GracePoint Church in Bismarck, ND (USA).

        Find out about the growing and exciting work God is doing among the GracePoint Family at 

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        Feel free to reach out at any time with your questions, suggestions, and encouragement.

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