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Every person on the planet leaks. Overnight we lose focus on the things that matter – things like truth, hope, and belief.

The Morning Mindset is a 6-minute daily audio designed to help you get your mind aligned with the truth of God SO THAT you can start the day refocused and refreshed.

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You might say the Morning Mindset has the globe covered – A to Z (Azerbaijan to Zambia). As of November 2021 the Morning Mindset is being actively listened to in 200 countries worldwide – and it continues to grow because of your help.

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The Morning Mindset Story

The Morning Mindset was first published January 1st, 2018 – but the idea began a few months before. Carey Green is a retired Pastor of 20 years who just can’t retire. He’s eager to see the family of Jesus actually BE the people of God in this world. Upon reflecting on his own need for a daily “shot in the soul” to get his mind aligned with the truth of God, he realized that short daily audio might be a helpful tool for others to use as well. Over 45,000 daily downloads proves he was right.

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