About Carey

My story…

I spent over 20 years of my life in a career that I loved…

I was a Pastor serving in a variety of local churches throughout the United States. It was a very humbling, rewarding role and an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

In 2011 I began to feel that the calling to be in that role was ending. My conviction was (and is) that the people of the church deserve to have a Pastor who’s heart is fully in the role – and since mine no longer was, I resigned. It was the right thing to do.

That’s when things got interesting…

I remember telling my wife that I wasn’t really qualified to do anything but lead a church, so I didn’t know what I was going to do. I’d been listening to some entrepreneurial podcasts so I thought I could at least try my hand at establishing some smaller revenue streams to help out the family budget.

The process of becoming a Loan Officer is… let’s just say “convoluted.”


My study methods course

As I was studying to take the Mortgage Loan test, my teaching gifts came to the surface again, prompting me to put together a video study methods course to help people in my shoes study for the test (it’s a REALLY hard test).

Inspired by a podcast episode I’d listened to, I created the study methods course and made it a “Pay What You Want” model, starting at just $20 (at the time).

I did a small amount of promotion in LinkedIn groups and created a few promotional videos to put on Youtube. That’s about it.

The money from that course began to trickle in. The really ironic thing is that I didn’t stay a Loan Officer for very long. It just wasn’t what I was cut out for. But the study methods course continued to grow, regardless.

One day I decided that I should just give in and go get a real job.

I picked up applications all around our little mountain town.

  • One of the jobs paid $15 an hour.
  • Another $10 per hour.
  • Another $12 per hour.

I realized that if my family was going to be able to stay in the mountain town we loved, I was going to HAVE to do something on my own.

The study methods course was doing pretty well so I decided to optimize it’s promotion as much as I could. I created more Youtube videos. I did more marketing. And the income started to grow even more.

Today that course brings in almost $3000 in relatively passive income every month. No kidding. 

podcast productionA bit later I was helping a friend edit some audio for a project he was working on and he said,

“You should make a business out of this.”

I began thinking about it, realized there was a great need for podcast audio editing and production, and I started another business – www.PodcastFastTrack.com

Today, that’s my main business, bringing in the bulk of my monthly income. I feel really, really blessed.

I get to work from home… according to my schedule… I am my own boss… and can leave on trips or vacations whenever I want to (with a little planning).

And we’ve had the opportunity to be truly helpful to others we’ve come across simply because the business has generated enough money for us to do so.

That matters to me… a LOT.

And then comes Live-Build-Change

Most recently I’ve begun podcasting and coaching Christ-following people how they can do something similar, I call it Live Build Change.

The focus is to help you LIVE your faith in an authentic, vibrant way that brings glory to God.

To BUILD a business – either part-time or full-time.

And then CHANGE the world through the integration of the two. If you are interested in finding out more I invite you to join me.

Add to all that – Christian based Life and Business Coaching

It’s not been until early 2017 that I’ve felt the nudge to begin coaching. Why?

Good question. The best answer I have is that I’ve happened upon it and it seems the LORD is blessing it.

Within a few months, I’ve had a handful of people reach out to me for coaching – actually asking ME if I do life or business coaching and being willing to pay for it.

And when I have connected with them they have been helped. More than I expected.

So I guess you can that I can take a hint!

Find out more about my coaching on the home page of this site.

Regarding my blog:

I write about what’s on my mind, and it can be a random bunch of stuff… everything from theology, to family life, to movies I’ve seen. And I particularly enjoy sharing my thoughts about life, mindset, scriptural truth, and the way all those things integrate with one another.

Writing is the main way I think through things. I heartily agree with Dawson Trotman‘s words…

Thoughts disentangle themselves when they flow from the lips or the fingertips.

So what you get here won’t always be fully formed, and seldom resolved. It’s me thinking aloud and inviting you into the process.

But way before all that happened…

  • I grew up in a fairly small town in the panhandle area of Texas. It isn’t the end of the world, but you can see it from there.

    Me in second grade.

  • I am the youngest of 5 kids born to a hard-working man and woman who wanted to do everything they could to see their kids thrive in life.
  • My mother came to faith in Christ shortly after my oldest brother was born – November of 1951. A woman from a local Baptist church knocked on her door, was invited in, and gave my Mom the greatest gift she’s ever received. That knock on the door and the faithful woman who did the knocking were the beginning of my spiritual journey. I’ve never met that lady, but I can’t wait to meet her in heaven. She’s got a big hug coming!
  • I was born 16 years later and the following Sunday I was in the church nursery. My mom often jokes that I was “saved out of the sin and degradation of the church nursery!
  • I came to faith in Christ at the age of 5, the later part of 1972 as well as Mom and I can figure it. The foundational doctrine of salvation I learned then has continued to shape the way I think and live.
  • I got married while in college, to the most wonderful woman in the world (my world, at least)… Mindi. I tell her all the time that she’s been God’s greatest and seemingly favorite tool in my life.

In my lifetime I’ve worked as…

  • A paper boy
  • An ice cream scooper
  • A grocery bagger
  • A meat-market cleaner (nasty job)
  • A bus-boy
  • A radio announcer (D.J.)
  • A shoe salesman (remember Kinney shoes?)
  • A waiter
  • A delivery driver
  • A carpet cleaner (another nasty job)
  • A bank teller and new accounts representative
  • A cable TV disconnect-er
  • A youth pastor
  • An associate pastor
  • A pastor / counselor
  • A Colorado Mortgage Loan Originator
  • An entrepreneur (working at this now)
  • A writer (working at this now)

10 random things about me that have little to do with anything else I have to say…

  1. I’ve been known to yell at the TV screen.
  2. I typically don’t like the “home team” – no matter where I live.
  3. I was once struck by lightning – indirectly. Maybe that explains a few things…
  4. I play the drums, bass guitar, and I-pod.
  5. When I was in high school, the bumper sticker on my car read, “If you love something, set it free. If it doesn’t come back, hunt it down and kill it.
  6. My big brother quit picking on me the minute I got taller than him. Go figure.
  7. I have learned more from my wife than from any other individual on the planet. No doubt.
  8. When I was in grade school, I rushed home every afternoon to watch “Speed Racer.
  9. At my funeral, I’d hate it if anyone said, “He had such potential…”
  10. My wife says I make up words… often… even in sermons.
  11. BONUS: If you want to see me get very, VERY, VERY angry… put a video game controller in my hand.

Thanks for your interest in what the LORD has done in my life.

Feel free to contact me for any reason. carey(at)careygreen.com