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A little bit about me…

I spent over 20 years of my life in a career that I loved…

I was a Pastor serving in a variety of local churches throughout the United States. It was a very humbling, rewarding role and an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

In 2011 I began to feel that the calling to be in that role was ending. My conviction was (and is) that the people of the church deserve to have a Pastor whose heart is fully in the role – and since mine no longer was, I resigned. It was the right thing to do.

That’s when things got interesting…


I remember telling my wife that I wasn’t really qualified to do anything but lead a church, so I didn’t know what I was going to do.

I’d been listening to some entrepreneurial podcasts so I thought I could at least try my hand at establishing some smaller revenue streams to help out the family budget.

I tried out a number of online business ideas over the next few years, with some that succeeded to a point, others that didn’t.

But I learned a lot… about how the internet works, how online businesses create content for marketing (Content Marketing), and how podcasts were a big, BIG part of that for many small to medium-sized companies (at that time).

And the nudge toward ministry-oriented things was still alive inside me. As a result, I started my own podcast — Christian Home and Family — which I hope to resurrect someday.


But things were tough financially so I decided it was time to give in and go get a real job.


I picked up applications all around our little mountain town (Buena Vista, CO).

  • One of the jobs paid $15 an hour.
  • Another $10 per hour.
  • Another $12 per hour.

I realized that if my family was going to be able to stay in the mountain town we loved, I was going to HAVE to do something on my own.

One of my online projects was working fairly well, so I did everything I could to optimize it, and it helped. But I had to do more.

A bit later I was helping a friend edit some audio for a project he was working on and he said,

“You should make a business out of this.”

I began thinking about it, realized there was a great need for podcast audio editing and production, and I started another business –


Today, that’s my main business, bringing in the bulk of my monthly income. I feel really, really blessed.


I get to work from home… according to my schedule… I am my own boss… and can be free to work on other projects as I feel the need (like the Morning Mindset… but we’re getting to that).

And we’ve had the opportunity to be truly helpful to others we’ve come across simply because the business has generated enough money for us to do so.


The Morning Mindset Story

The Morning Mindset was first published January 1st, 2018 – with an intentional focus of providing people looking for a “new years resolution” of a spiritual nature a good option to start the year with.

The podcast began with ZERO subscribers, had 120 listeners or so within a week, and over 650 daily listens by the end of January.

The growth curve continued, winding up one full year of publication with the highest daily listens coming in just under 5500.


All along my wife and I have received emails from listeners, asking us to pray for the situations they face. We decided in January of 2020 to make a way for listeners to submit prayer requests and enlist the Morning Mindset family to pray with us for their needs. That’s when the Friday “Pray Together” episodes were born. If you haven’t heard one of these episodes, you can listen to the very first one here.

The concern and weight we felt knowing these needs and praying for them week after week caused my wife to feel that we should do something to help, if we could. She referenced what took place in Acts 4:32-27 and thought, “Why can’t we figure out a way for Christians around the world to help each other practically?”

Europe map - audio daily devotional reach

That’s when Not A Needy Person came to life in our hearts. I felt certain, given what I knew about the internet and the capabilities of modern technology, that there had to be a way we could make it happen.

We started the process of developing the ministry into a 501(c)3 non-profit, assembling a Board of Directors, and researching technology options that could make it a reality. In late February of 2021, the first submitted need was posted on the website. Generous Christ-followers have been using the platform to meet the needs of their brothers and sisters around the world, ever since.

It’s a humbling thing, to be the one through whom God has done so much, in such a short span of time.


Today (February 2022), Morning Mindset podcast episodes are being downloaded over 95,000 times a day. We’re also praying about creating additional resources to help God’s people get their minds aligned with His truth, so they can live as Kingdom citizens who make a difference in this dark world.


Would Jesus have YOU join us on the mission?

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Feel free to reach out.

Mindi and I would love nothing more than hearing who you are, how you came to know about the Morning Mindset, and how we can be praying for you!

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