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by | Sep 28, 2015 | Life, mindset, mindset reset

“Rest” is not a very popular mindset these days.

a rest mindset

Do you need to develop a REST mindset?

We live in a super face paced society. No matter what you “do for a living” you know the reality of what I’m saying, here.

  • kid’s activities
  • work related chores
  • social calendars
  • home-repair projects
  • club and church activities
  • online commitments
  • etc, etc.

It’s enough to make you crazy.

In the old days (pre-Jesus coming to earth) God established a law that His people HAD to rest one day out of 7.

Isn’t it interesting, like the best parent, God MADE His people do what was BEST for them.

That command was part of the “Law of God” and was a requirement for all who chose to follow Him by faith.

Now that we live in the “new covenant” age (because of Jesus) the “Law of God” is fulfilled on our behalf BY Jesus. We no longer have to keep the law to be in God’s good graces. Out of mercy He has caused the

the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.(Romans 8:4).

What that means is that we don’t have to “keep” the law to make God happy because Jesus “kept” it for us. All we have to do is trust that what Jesus did on our behalf was enough.

Why am I talking about the Sabbath as a mindset, then?

Because even though we don’t HAVE to keep the Sabbath as a life-principle, we can still benefit from the wisdom it represents for our lives. I think we need to develop a mindset of rest.

In this short video, which I recorded in my car (yes, you’ll have to watch it to hear why), I’m quickly sharing how my wife and I came to develop a different mindset about rest and what we did as a result.

I hope it serves as an example, to challenge you to consider implementing some “restful” changes in your life, too. 🙂

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