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by | May 18, 2017 | Biz Tips

I hate lack of clarity… I just hate it!

Relationships are built on the foundation of clarity – whether in your personal life or in your business. Think about it…

  • Marriage partners HAVE to understand each other in order to love each other well.
  • Business teams HAVE to be on the same page when it comes to processes, direction, systems, delivery – if they are going to succeed.
  • Clients HAVE to possess the right expectations of what you’re going to provide to prevent you digging a hole for yourself and your company.

And ALL of that requires clarity.

A lack of clarity not only impacts relationships, it impacts how effectively you are able to reach your goals.

Think about your business dreams for a moment. What are they?

More customers?

More revenue?


More exposure to the experts in your niche?

What are you doing to reach those goals? Are you just sitting there hoping they happen?

That is NOT going to cut it – not only as it applies to business but also in life.

You can dream up all the incredible, far-fetched, impossible goals you want – but if you LACK CLARITY on the following two things you’re going to miss your goals every – single – time.

What ARE the two areas?

  1. Clarity on what the achievement of your goals will LOOK LIKE in real life.
  2. Clarify on how you are going to attain that outcome.

Let’s take a look at each of those briefly…

Lack of clarity about what your goals WILL LOOK LIKE.

You’ve heard the quote from Zig Ziglar,

If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.

Zig Ziglar - aim at nothing

The Zig-meister himself

It’s a witty truism.

But it’s a truism BECAUSE is is true.

Zig was talking about a lack of clarity.

If YOU don’t know what you’re aiming for, who will?

And it goes for every area of your life – relationships, business, family life, etc.

So take some time to clarify your goals. Be specific.

  • What is it you want to achieve?
  • What will it look like, smell like, taste like, feel like? (I know, that’s an odd way to talk about it – but it helps, trust me)
  • What benefits come from reaching it?
  • Who will be impacted by it, positively and negatively?
  • Why is it important?

If you don’t clearly understand what it’s going to look like when you reach your goals you’ll have a hard time knowing if you should celebrate or not – because you won’t know if you’ve really reached them.

So get some clarity on where you are headed.

Lack of clarity about how you are going to REACH your goals.

This is the piece you hear the most about in goal-setting conversations – and for good reason.

If you don’t have a clear path to your goals, they are not goals – they are dreams. Wishes. Wants.

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Think of it as charting a course on a map to a destination you want to reach. You will NEVER get there by wandering, only by knowing where you are headed and determining the path to get there.

So… the way I do this is through a process I call “Regressive Goal Setting.”

  • START with your goal.
  • STEP BACK one step prior to its completion and determine what would need to happen to get from that step, to the goal.
  • STEP BACK one more step, do the same thing.
  • Repeat over and over until you to WHERE YOU ARE NOW.

It sounds laborious, I know. That’s because it is.

But it’s important that you get clarity on HOW you are going to get to your destination.

lack of clarity will kill your goals - here's a great way to prevent it

Here’s an image of the sticky note goal board thingie – for those of you who are a bit more visual. (click to see a larger image)

Another way I’ve done this in the past (which is very helpful) is this…

  1. Use a white board.
  2. Get a couple of pads of sticky notes.
  3. Do a personal “brain dump” of everything they can readily see that will contribute to reaching your goal.
  4. Write each of those things on its own sticky note.
  5. Stick them on the board.
  6. Go get a cup of coffee, a sandwich, whatever – clear your mind.
  7. Come back and brainstorm again, trying to see things you missed the first time.
  8. When you think you’re done – sequence them according to the order they need to be accomplished – stick them on the board sequentially.

What I LOVE about this process is…

  • It’s in front of you on the wall at all times.
  • You can add new things that come to mind or that you discover as you are working the sequence – without having to erase or entirely redo your sequence.
  • You can take the note/step you’re currently working on and stick it on your computer screen or desk until it’s completed.
  • Then you can replace it on the board, remove the next one, and get to work on it.

You’ve got a clear road map. You’ve got the ability to adjust it as you go. You’ve got the ability to SEE your progress easily and clearly.

Wow – maybe I like this one MORE than the other. Isn’t that funny, I’ve convinced myself. 😉

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Do you see how a lack of clarity can kill your goals?

It’s a lot of work – no doubt.

It’s going to require time. Yep.

You’re going to have to expend some mental energy.

But the results – OH MY FRIENDS – the results are going to be incredible.

Not only will you KNOW where you are headed and HOW you are going to get there…


So.. get to work!

To wrap up here’s leadership and business expert – Ken Blanchard – speaking on the importance of having clear goals.