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by | Dec 4, 2015 | blogging

It’s hardly ever a good sign when you have to make a U-turn twice within 2 blocks.

But sometimes the second turn is an attempt at correcting a wrong decision on the first turn.

That’s what I believe just happened to me.

Last week I wrote that I was changing this blog’s direction. I even changed to look of the website in some pretty significant ways. It was all based around some expansion I’m doing in my online business stuff. At the time I thought this site was the best platform for me to use in making those changes.

That was the first U-turn. I see now that I didn’t make the best decision on that.

So this post represents the second U-turn. I’m changing this site again…

  • Instead of making this blog about side income and lifestyle income opportunities, I’ve decided that needs its own website altogether.
  • Instead of focusing this site around business, I just need a place to unload my brain… so this will be more of a rambling blog about what I’m thinking – about God, the world, and humanity.

And I need something from you… would you mind?

Unsubscribe from this blog… unless you like the new direction. I’m happy to have you stick around. 🙂