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by | Sep 23, 2022 | Blog Casserole

Of interest this week (at least to me)

The first time I heard this “spoken word” by Jimmy Needham, I cried.

Seriously, I cried because of the impact the artistic expression of eternal truth had on my soul.

Listen. Watch. Enjoy. 

And saturate yourself in the truth of God’s amazing story.

Resources you can use

Over the past year, I’ve been reinvestigating things having to do with the end times. I’ve never been satisfied with the answers given by the dominant eschatalogical views prevalent in the U.S. these days. There are just too many inconsistencies for me to remain content that we’re reading the biblical text properly.

Through a series of internet articles, Youtube videos, and online forums, I became aware of Dr. Phillip Kayser. His end times view is what has been called “Postmillennial” and its what I’m increasingly convinced is the right approach to reading, understanding, and applying the Revelation of John.

His website is linked above. There you’ll find in-depth outlines on every chapter of Revelation that accompany sermons he gave on the same texts covered in the outlines. He’s also provided links to the books he’s penned, the sermons he’s preached, and the articles he’s written on a variety of topics.

But I’ll warn you… Pastor Kayser is a scholar and he covers LOADS of things in these messages that, in my humble opinion, sometimes distract from the points he’s making or at least, confuse the listener more than help them.

I hope some day to teach through Revelation based on what I’ve learned from Dr. Kayser and others.

What I’m reading

I finished this book a bit ago and continue to benefit from the insights it provides for me as I look at the world and culture around me.

Live Not By Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents by Rod Dreher (affiliate link).

I appreciate the historical perspective Rod brings to the evaluation of what’s going on in American (and worldwide) culture in the 2000s. His research, interviews, and discoveries of what happened in Eastern Europe in the past, inform what we see happening around us.

Read this book to better understand what Rod refers to as “soft totalitarianism” that is rising in the world today.

And learn how to live not by lies.

What I’m listening to (podcasts, usually)

If you’ve never heard of John Piper, let me introduce you. 🙂

Next to the Bible, John’s writings, sermons, and biographies have had a greater impact over me than anything I can think of.

I appreciate how he sticks to the word of God, how he derives his interpretation from thet text of scripture, not from his feelings or opinions or already-in-place theological constructs.

A podcast that I listen to regularly is one that Pastor John records called “Ask Pastor John.” It’s worth your time.

Everday Christians like you, ask John questions about the Bible, about how to live out what it teaches, and how to handle the passages of scripture that are painful to hear, confusing, or downright disturbing.

Again, it’s worth your time.



It’s true, the odds are against us, but I don’t care about ‘em. It may look impossible, and it may be impossible, but I believe the Lord above rules over the impossible. If we go wisely and in the strength He provides us, we’ll do alright, even if suffering comes with it.

Spoken by “North” a character in my book, “Dragon Slayer: Beginnings.” It’s typically 99 cents on Kindle.





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