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by | May 11, 2017 | Biz Tips

Becoming known…

It’s what every blogger, podcaster, coach, professional, sales leader, and anybody-who’s-anybody wants these days.

It’s what personal branding and reputation management are all about.

It’s got me thinking asking a question – one that I think if not only valid to ask, but IMPORTANT to ask:

What out there in the jumble of internet and social noise is REALLY worth paying attention to?

 Listen to Anthony and Mark chat about becoming known here.

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My thinking about this subject was fueled recently by a great conversation one of my clients had on his Podcast, “In The Arena.”

Anthony Iannarino and his guest, Mark Schaefer were discussing Mark’s new book, “Known.”

One of the things Mark had to share that resonated with me was this…

[tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true”]Becoming known is about your goals, about the value you want to add to the world. @MarkWSchaefer #influence #known[/tweetthis]

And THAT is the answer. THAT is how we can know what is worth listening to and what is not.

If a person is becoming known because they are truly helping, because they are changing the world for the better – then they are worth listening to, or at least noticing.

What’s the secret to becoming known in THAT way in such a noisy world?

Mark says it’s Content Creation. But there’s more to it than just creating content. Your content has to be…

  1. High quality, and
  2. Consistent

Let’s take a look at each of those for just a second.

Mark Schaefer - becoming known

Mark Schaefer, Author of “Known”

High Quality

If your content is not high quality, why SHOULD anybody pay attention?

You’re just adding to the noise, trying to steal the attention of people who have little time to spare.

You’re a…

  • huckster
  • greedmeister
  • slick salesman (in the worst sense of the world)

You’re doing the very least possible in an effort to get the most attention possible. And it simply doesn’t work like that.

At least, it SHOULDN’T.

You’ve got to add something to the world that DESERVES the attention of others. Because it’s so good, so helpful, so wonderful.

Seth Godin has a few words to say about that. You should listen.

Consistent Content

In a way you probably haven’t thought about consistency proves that you have something important to say, something worthwhile to add to whatever discussion you’re trying to inject yourself into.


It’s proof that YOU believe in what you’re saying. It’s evidence that you’re not going to shut up or give up until people see what you see.

That idea applies across the board. It doesn’t matter if you are a retirement planner or an artist.

[tweetthis]#Consistency is the power behind becoming known through your #ContentCreation[/tweetthis]

You can have one brilliant idea – post it everywhere you know to post it – and never become known.

But if you keep posting, if you keep iterating, if you keep finding new and engaging ways to offer what you know to the world, somebody is going to notice.

And even if it’s just one “somebody,” if their life was impacted for the better you can be assured they are going to tell somebody.

And it’s your CONSISTENCY that got you there, that enabled you to become known to that one “somebody.”


Quality Content X Consistency

So, do you REALLY want to become known?

I’ve just described the kind of commitment it’s going to take to get there.

Are you willing to dedicate yourself to the tired, often thankless slog of studying, thinking, writing, erasing, rewriting, recording, editing, and more that it takes to become known for the RIGHT things? Things that add true value to the world?

Don’t kid yourself. That’s EXACTLY what it’s going to take.

I know – I’ve seen it happen over and over as I’ve worked with Podcasters.

So many people start a show without counting the cost beforehand.

They underestimate the time, work, and dedication it will take to make it a successful channel through which they can get their message out.

They’re looking for “easy” not “great.” And that’s what causes them to podfade (stop podcasting).

Doing good in the world is never, never easy.  Never.

So what will it be – for you? Are you willing to become known for the sake of making a difference?


And just for the fun of it – here’s a video from one of my favorite bands about NOT being one to just add to the noise – This is “Adding To The Noise.” Enjoy. 🙂