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by | May 2, 2017 | Discipleship, Jesus, Life

There are things in the world I hate. Yes, HATE.

False accusations. Slander. Starvation. Ignorance. Disease. Abuse of Power. Manipulation. Terrorism. Lies.

Inwardly, I rage against the wrong in the world. And inwardly I know I am ultimately helpless to stop it.

Do you feel the same frustration?

Many people do about a variety of things. And they do their best to spark change.

  • Marches.
  • Demonstrations.
  • Picketing.
  • Rioting.
  • Covert Ops.
  • Wars.

But human solutions are ALWAYS too little and ALWAYS short-lived.

That’s because we are unable to deal with the real problems.

The human heart is corrupt – and we live in occupied territory.

Over 2000 years ago, in human history, Jesus solved both problems.

His death and resurrection overcame the power of sin that corrupts the human heart and He condemned satan – the accuser of mankind and enemy of God.

But He patiently waits for all of us who long for something more to recognize and accept that all our railing against injustice and wrong will never defeat it. He waits for us to joyfully realize He’s our only hope of justice (2 Peter 3:9).

A final reckoning Рa day of judgement is coming.


The enemy of God knows it (this verse demonstrates that).

But do we?

The day we long for is on the horizon. The day when Jesus will set all things straight, completing the work He’s begun.

It’s a comforting thing for victims and casualties of this broken world to know that their cause will be championed one day before the throne of the Judge of the universe.

He will pronounce sentence on all evil and injustice. Wrongs will be accounted for. Evil will be smashed.

And He will establish righteousness in its place. Forever.

Keep looking for that day. Pray for its quick arrival.

And prepare yourself. The stain of sin you bear must be accounted for, too.

As the Victor over sin and satan Jesus became the only shelter from the reckoning of the righteous Judge. He offers us His perfect life in exchange for ours.

When we agree to that exchange, He hangs our sin-stained life on the cross, forever reconciling it to God through the punishment He bore there.

And He freely gives us His life, to sustain us while we walk this planet and to enable us to stand confidently before the righteous Judge when that day comes.

Take heart. Judgement is coming.

All will be made right.