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by | Feb 26, 2015 | Business, career, mindset

Being VS Doing from Stephanie Calahan, Business coach and entrepreneur


Stephanie Calahan

The launch of my two-book set “Entrepreneur Mind Hacks” has been a blast. I invited over 40 successful entrepreneurs to contribute to the book (yes, at that time it was only going to be one book). Stephanie Calahan was one of those I asked to consider it, and she jumped right on it.

Stephanie is a great sister in the LORD who I was blessed to meet as part of the moderator team in the Christians in Business Community over on Google +.  

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Right away I knew that her enthusiasm and zeal for seeing God do the kind of work only He can do through her business was an attitude I wanted to be around more often. That alone was enough to motivate me to ask her to be a contributor to my Mind Hacks books.

As part of the book promotion I’ve been having a blast doing live Hangout on Air broadcasts with some of the contributors. The conversation I had with Stephanie was incredible. She has such insight into the way we are wired as human beings and how that impacts the way we do things in daily life. She takes those kinds of insights into the practice of business in a way that is truly unique and encouraging.

I can see why her clients like her so much!

So… here’s the video conversation I had with Stephanie… it’s just over 30 minutes long, a firehose session of great info.

You can find out more about Stephanie, her coaching, and her business ventures at

You can find out more about the two-book set “Entrepreneur Mind Hacks” here.