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by | Oct 9, 2022 | Blog Casserole

Of interest this week (at least to me)

For some reason I’ve been mesmerized by this video. Once-upon-a-time I actually bound a few books myself, so the process this gal has developed is very intriguing to me. I can see how doing this would be relaxing and somewhat therapeutic.

I find myself wanting to start doing this yesterday… with all the extra time I have. Right.


Letters of advice to fictional and real Christian youn men

One of the reasons I appreciate the work of Douglas Wilson so much is that he’s always got an insightful take on practical things. He recently wrote a series of blog posts to a fiction nephew of his, named Dawson.

The aim of the posts is to give Uncle-ish advice to a young man who’s on the hunt for his wife/life-partner about how to think about women, male/female relationships, how to find “the one,” how to woo and court her, and how to move the needle forward in regards to marriage.

I found it very insightful.

Though I don’t agree with the full extent of what Doug says in every respect, it remains beneficial. I’ve attempted to link to every post in the series below. It’s possible I overlooked one, so check his website if you feel like something is missing or out of order.

Life in Girl World

Evolution and Sexual Selfishness

Not the Same Thing at All

Calvinism and Girls

Nice Guys and Jerks

A Matter of Rank

The Natural Use of The Woman

Lack of Communication is Key

The Value of Gender Stereotypes

What Women Want and What They Say They Want

The Zone of Vulnerability

The Golden Rule, With Adjustments

Testosterone Does Stuff

Apologies That Lie

Don’t Make Your Wife A Lesbian

What I’m reading

While waiting on the next book in Stephen Lawhead‘s “Pendragon Cycle” to arrive (for some reason he’s not made it available in e-book format), I decided to spend my reading time in scripture alone.

That has proven to be a good investment of time. No, I didn’t think otherwise, but…

I’ve read the entire Gospel of Mark (over a two day period) and am part way through Luke.

It’s quite valuable to do this sort of thing in one sitting, if at all possible. You get a much broader, clearer sense of the author’s intention and many things that could be disparate pull together in your mind.

I highly recommend the Bible.

What I’m listening to (podcasts, usually)

From the “In case you didn’t know” department…

I’ve written a Christian-themed fantasy-ish trilogy called “The Dragon Slayer Chronicles.

As an author I’m always keen to improve my writing and I recently found this podcast – “Fantastical Truth” from a group calling themselves Lorehaven.

So far, I’m impressed how solid the podcast is from a theological perspective and am enjoying hearing the co-host’s thoughts on Christian fantasy, writing, motivation for writing, and the great interviews with experts and publishers in the Christian Fiction realm.

I’ve even put out an email to them to find out about advertising my book series on their podcast. We’ll see.


The way a husband loves his wife and the way a wife responds to his love are meant to show others something of God’s love for His people. That realization is thrilling and sobering at the same time. It’s thrilling when you realize that as married couples we have the great privilege of showing others the love of God. Imagine it in your day to day life: when your children, your friends, and your neighbors see you – a married couple – interacting with each other, they have the opportunity to see a picture of the unbelievable love of God, fleshed out in a human relationship right before their eyes! What a wonderful opportunity we have as married couples! It’s sobering when you realize that as married couples we have the great responsibility of showing others the love of God. It’s our duty… our job… and we need to do it well.

From my couple’s devotional book “The Marriage Improvement Project.





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