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by | Nov 18, 2022 | Blog Casserole

Supposed science that’s fiction

From the COVID “science” we’ve heard espoused over the past few years, all the way to the pervasive and widely accepted notion of evolution — there’s all kinds of supposed science we’re supposed to take as fact, but that is more unbelievable than a Marvel movie.

On that topic of evolution, here’s a funny for you.






Bible maps and charts – old style

If you are a person (like me) who finds it easier to understand time frames and interrelationships by seeing them represented visually, this resource may be for you.

I warn you though, it’s pretty “old style” – and by that I mean 80s-90s style website with similar graphics and downloads, but there’s still lots of great information here.

Be aware… the charts on eschatology (end times stuff) are a bit “different.” It looks like the designer may be taking a Postmillennial position, which I’m not altogether opposed to… but there are aspects of how it’s laid out that I’m not sure too sure about.


Among the greatest American intellectuals…

John Piper once said that about Puritan Pastor and Theologian Jonathan Edwards. I’ve heard a similar sentiment expressed by a number of others over the years. Even a cursory read through any of his writings and you get the feeling that…

A) This guy is smart

B) This guy thinks.. a LOT

C) This guy knew and loved God

For all these reasons and more, I try to read some Edwards now and then.

One of my favorites is called “The Religious Affections,” (affiliate link).

The book description reads, “In one of the unsurpassed religious masterpieces of American writing, Jonathan Edwards distinguishes between true and false religion by defining a believer’s correct affections and explaining their importance. He further identifies the distinction between genuine-seeming and legitimate affections.”

If you want to be challenged intellectually and spiritually, grab this book, slowly work through it, and ask the Lord to help you internalize what you’re reading.

“Lord Thurmond sank backward into his chair, his thoughts careening back and forth, weighing options, seeking a solution to his self-made conundrum. It was the dance learned by all those who practice deception; its complex, intricate movements of self-preservation stepped out then retracted, forward then back again, rehearsed and performed entirely alone.”

From the first book in my Fiction Speculative Fantasy series: The Dragon Slayer Chronicles.