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by | Nov 6, 2022 | Blog Casserole

Back to the future Biff

I was a Senior in High School when the movie, Back to the Future was released. I remember it as a fun, ground-breaking movie (remember, this was High School).

We all probably remember the bully in the movie, Biff. His name is Tom Wilson and he’s also a comedian and musician… and pretty funny.

You’ll like this. 








My fiction series gets a rewrite – a little bit at a time

Christian fiction fantasy series

When I published my first work of fiction (Dragon Slayer: Beginnings), I didn’t have the cash to hire a professional editor. So far, I still don’t. (If you want to fund that, I’d be happy to let you 😉 

So periodically, I go back to make improvements myself. This could include typos, awkward sentences pointed out by a reader, or plot holes and inconsistencies.

THIS TIME, it’s a bit different. 

I’ve started reading fiction again (making time for it) and have been instructed and inspired by the skill of Stephen Lawhead (more about him later in this post). It’s given me a greater appreciation for good writing and has taught me a lot about about how to improve the work I’ve already done. So I’m trying to do that.

Hopefully, just before Christmas, I’ll have all formats of book 1 redone and ready for purchase. Eventually, I will get all three completed and plan to produce a “collector’s edition” version that includes the text of all three books, character sketches by an amazing artist I’ve been working with, and a new full-color cover featuring a battle scene from the book.

I also hope to include an appendix that highlights the possibility of dragons in actual human history. It’s interesting stuff.


Arthurian legend in my reading of late

I mentioned Stephen Lawhead. He’s the author behind the “Pendragon Cycle” – a series of Christian-ish fiction books I’ve been reading lately. I’ve just finished book three, “Arthur.” His writing is amazing, his plots are full and clear, and I’ve enjoyed learning from him.

You can find all things Stephen Lawhead at

I should be moving on to book 4 within the next week.

A podcast about the book of Revelation that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard (and I think he’s right 90% of the time).

I’m slowly working my way BACK through a long podcast teaching series on the book of Revelation after listening through it once.

THIS time, I have my Bible in hand and am pausing to write out notes and make cross-references.

The teacher proposes a view about the book that is worlds different from what I’ve believed in the past, been taught, or considered… and I think he is 90% right on his conclusions. The remaining 10% could be attributed to MY lack of understanding, easily.

The teacher is Dr. Phillip Kayser, Senior Pastor of Dominion Covenant Church in Omaha, NE. He’s also got lots of theological credentials and is WAY smarter than me (and probably, you).

I will have to warn you about a few things…

  • Kayser goes super deep into things, so you could get lost (I have)
  • He preached these messages to his church family, so you’ll hear references to “our position” and “what we believe.”
  • He compares and contrasts his view with all the others (and I mean ALL the others) and makes defenses for his position. He’s not being argumentative, just trying to be clear by making comparisons.
  • You may not like his conclusions, but ask yourself if his argument is first of all biblical, sound, and if his sources are credible.

In my view, he connects the book of Revelation to Old Testament prophecies AND history better than anyone I’ve ever heard.

I hope one day to teach through the book, myself. Kayser has inspired me to set such a lofty goal.

You can find the podcast here.

“The smell was the smell of a stinky old heart

of Zebow and his monkeys from the far distant part

of the Jungle of Boon where the sun never shines

and the trees are all covered with thick, ugly vines.

Zebow had been banished there long years before

for leading his monkeys, 500 or more

in a war to take over the Jungle of Boon

but his plan didn’t work and his war ended soon.”

From my children’s picture book, “The Great Smizzmozzel Bash.” Not the greatest rhyme in the history of rhyme, but it’s what I could do.

An interesting tidbit… I created the artwork myself, using MS Paint (remember it?) and a computer mouse. Yes, it DID take a very long time.