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by | Dec 18, 2021 | blogging, Discipleship


by | Dec 18, 2021

I love watching a fire come to life when a skillful outdoorsman blows softly across the waning embers.

It’s a feeling of renewal, of hope, and a reminder that the chill of night can be driven away with the wise application of truth (the laws of physics, in this case).

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, which is doubtful since I’ve been years in writing anything, you know it’s undergone a number of changes and interations over that time. That’s because I’m at times, a less-than-skillful judge of what’s going on in my own heart and soul. I think I’m jazzed to head in a certain direction, topically speaking, but the notes of my enthusiasm fade soon enough.

I’m hopeful that this iteration will not be that.

So, I’m rekindling the blog. in the same way I’d rekindle a fire. It’s being renewed, with a sense of hope that what I write moving forward will be a tool for my own processing of what God is doing in me and in the world around me, and with a desire that it is edifying and instructive to readers.

May God receive the credit for any good that comes of it… and may I be led by the Spirit’s self-control to block out the time to think, compose, and type out something that will advance His kingdom in this world and beyond.

I invite you to come along with me on the journey. 

I’d be acting like an ingrate if I didn’t acknowledge someone who’s been influential in bringing about this rekindling, though he doesn’t know he’s been influential in my case.

His name is Douglas Wilson — Pastor, Author, willing servant of the King, and all-around malcontent for the sake of the Savior. You can find more than you bargained for in regards to Pastor Doug at this spot on the interwebs.

ADVICE: If you do saunter-click in that direction, be sure to read his CONTROVERSIES page.  As with anyone who is willing to speak their mind, Doug has had a number of slanderers and well-meaning-but-misguided critics over the years. There are sensible, clear-minded responses to all of them on that page (for those who are willing to be clear-minded about them).

And lastly…

I appreciate courteous and Christ-honoring dialogue about the things I ponder. It sharpens me and hopefully, those I interact with. 

Please feel free to comment below — I try to respond to everyone, though I can’t make any guarantees.


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