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by | Apr 6, 2015 | Business, Discipleship, Life

“Poor in spirit” is not a way most people want to be described…

and in business is sounds like something that could allow your competition to walk all over you.

But being “poor in spirit” is a position before God that Jesus said is a “blessed” position.

It’s not about beating yourself up or thinking too lowly of yourself. It’s not about false humility, or demeaning your abilities or place in the marketplace.

It’s about seeing yourself RIGHTLY as compared to God Himself.

I’m learning more and more, not just for business but for life in general, that humility should be one of our greatest aspirations as believers. It’s the defining quality of Jesus Himself and if we’re going to be like Him, we must learn to live our lives humbly (whether in everyday life or in business).

“Poor in spirit” in the business world

The video posted below is one that I recorded and posted for the Christians in Business Community on Google Plus. It’s a community that I came to own through interaction with the guy who started it, and I’ve enjoyed taking it over and trying to move it forward.

In this video I talk briefly about the role that being “poor in spirit” can play in our business endeavors as Christians and how we can benefit in business from seeing ourselves rightly as compared to the LORD.