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by | Oct 30, 2022 | Blog Casserole

Season 3 of “The Chosen” is out soon – even in theaters!

My wife and I have enjoyed watching “The Chosen” – the new-ish dramatic series about the life of Jesus and His disciples.

It’s fairly biblical, though like all fictional accounts, has to take creative license at times when the Bible doesn’t flesh out the motives and behind-the-scenes details of a situation. But I feel it’s done fairly and with a good heart in all instances, so nothing too alarming so far.

One of the tings I like most about “The Chosen” is that Jesus is characterized as fun-loving, friendly, and… well, someone I’d like to be with. So many depictions of the Savior in the past have been done in such a prim and proper fasion that I haven’t been drawn to them. This one is different in that way. I like it.

And it looks like this year they’ll be releasing the first few episodes in theaters as well as in their app. (see the end of the video)

Here’s the trailer for season 3… it looks like it’s getting better all the time. We’ll have to go back and review the first two seasons before we start this one…



A Christmas Play I wrote back in the day

Through Heaven's Eyes - a Christmas drama (play) for the churchWay back in 2009 I was Pastoring a church in the mountains of Colorado and for some reason, I believed that I should try my hand at creating a Christmas play. So I spent time thinking about a fresh approach to the timeless Christmas story, had a few ideas, and got to work.

What resulted was a play I entitled “Through Heaven’s Eyes.

It’s a play set in two places β€” the heavenly realm AND the earthly realm during the time of Jesus’ birth. The idea is that a “senior” angel (Gabriel) is instructing some “junior” angels about the PLAN of God through the birth of the Messiah. It’s based loosely on the way Peter speaks of the mystery of salvation in 1 Peter 1:10-12…

10Β Concerning this salvation,the prophets who prophesied about the grace that was to be yours searched and inquired carefully,11Β inquiringwhat person or timethe Spirit of Christ in them was indicatingwhen he predictedthe sufferings of Christ and the subsequent glories.12Β It was revealed to them thatthey were serving not themselves but you, in the things that have now been announced to you through those who preached the good news to youby the Holy Spirit sent from heaven,things into which angels long to look.

It’s always been intriguing to me to think that there’s something about God’s love for mankind and His plan to redeem us that mystifies the angels (and demons). They “long to look into” it, to understand it on a deeper level.

The play is fashioned around that sentiment.

If your church does plays for Christmas time, I submit this one for your consideration. πŸ™‚Β 

In our situation, the cast was teens and kids, but it is totally appropriate for adults as well (It isn’t kidd-ish, if you know what I mean).

A BONUS (in my mind) is that the truths included in the script include scripture references so you can make a Bible study, devotional time, or small group out of the cast members so discipleship can occur AS you do the drama itself.

Let me know if you use it. I’d love to know how it goes. And if you video the performance, send it my way!


Fresh wind for your faith

When I was Pastoring, I spent my days encouraging others. But in that role, you often find your own soul needing encouragment. I actively searched out good books that encouraged me from a biblical standpoint.

This is one of the books I found that really helped me: “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire” by Pastor Jim Cymbala (affiliate link).

It’s a book about spiritual vitality, spiritual awakening in a once-dead church, and how we can all put ourselves in a place to receive fresh wind and fresh fire for our faith.

Pastor Jim’s story and experience spoke to me then and still speak to me now.

He’s got a new book out called, “Fan the Flame” that I look foward to reading soon, and when I do, you’ll hear about what I think of it here. (This link is also an affiliate link).

Weekly encouragmeent for faithful women

At the risk of sounding like a GUY (which I am), I have to say that most women’s Bible study materials I encounter are heavy on relatability and light on the truth of scripture. Yes, I know there are exceptions (don’t send me those emails), but I stick to my opinion on that, generally speaking.

One of the noteable and refreshing exceptions I’ve seen is this podcast…

FEMINA, by Nancy Wilson.

Nancy is…

  • The wife of Douglas Wilson
  • A seasoned pastor’s wife and Mom of a number of kids (I can’t remember how many, sorry Nancy and Doug)
  • A grandmother
  • A daughter of the heavenly Father
  • And a wise and godly woman

In my opinion, every Christian woman who wants to grow in maturity, learn how to live in obedience to the word daily, and how to be truly femine as the Bible characterizes it, should at least CHECK OUT this podcast.

Her style may not be for you. She may not seem modern, hip, or “with the times” to you.

But she faithfully speaks and applies the truth of God better than 95% of Christian women’s podcasts you’ll hear.

So I encourage you, commit to listening to 4 or 5 of her most recent episodes. It will be worth your time.

“This is indeed a great mystery, one that is hard to explain. The Father has willed it to be this way and Jesus Himself has desired to do this for the sake of mankind. He will be emptying Himself – humbling Himself – taking on the very nature of a man (Philippians 2:6-8).Β  He will be living out a human life in obedience to the Father – to provide a way for mankind to be made holy (Romans 5:19). He will live in the power of the Spirit of God Almighty (Luke 4:18, Isaiah 11:2), and He will fulfill the prophecies about Him that our God has made. He will do all this because our God loves mankind so much! Can you grasp it? God Himself, in the person of Jesus, loves people so much that He is willing to subject Himself to such disgrace and humility! I can hardly contain the wonder I feel at such love! Look! He is about to be born into the world… we are so honored to be present to observe His appearing to men…”

Spoken by the character “Gabriel” (yes, THE archangel, Gabriel) from my afforementioned Christmas Drama, “Through Heaven’s Eyes.”






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