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by | Nov 18, 2015 | Business

I keep changing my direction with this website.

I know, I know… It must be a sign that I’m a bit mentally disturbed.

But my philosophy about that kind of thing is simple…

You don’t always know what direction you should go at the beginning… but you’ve got to start walking anyway. The journey God takes you on has a way of revealing the next steps.

At least that’s what has proven true in my life.

My real motivation is this…

God has helped me develop a business from scratch that is…

  • able to support my family
  • able to provide for others who work on my team
  • AND able to provide resources so I can give to people in need.

And it’s happened in less than 3 years.

THAT is an incredible blessing that others could benefit from.

So, I’m making some changes to head in that direction.

Some of the reasons I want to help people start their own businesses:

  • The time freedom I’m enjoying is a blessing I know many others want and need.
  • The ability to create things I feel good about is something I’m confident others would enjoy.
  • The flexibility that comes with a self-run business enables great opportunities, and I know others would like that, too.
  • I’m confident that the things I’ve had to learn the hard way don’t have to be learned the hard way, and I’d like to help.
  • I want to see people able to be generous to others instead of scraping for every dime.
  • There’s a lot of personal debt out there (I’ve got my share) and I’d like to equip people to knock it out bit by bit.

Currently, I’m working on an outline of what I’d like to teach… what I feel I should teach, and I’d love your questions or comments about what that might be.

So what are your questions? What are the things you’d like someone to speak to regarding starting a side-business or a full-blow-replace-your-current-income business?

I’d love to include your questions in my courses and curriculum. Get in touch with me by emailing carey(at)careygreen(dot)com.

And if you want to stay updated with what I’m doing, you’ll need to subscribe to a new list.

Because this one is going away shortly.

Just go to the home page of my site – read what I’m up to, watch the short video, and sign up using the form if you’re interested.

I appreciate your encouragement and support over the years. It’s been a ton of fun to get to know you.