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by | Jul 12, 2017 | coaching, mindset

If you are a runner, I don’t mean to offend…

But I have noticed that runners never look happy while they are running.

Sweat. Grimmaces. Outright painful expressions.

That’s what I typically see when I pass them on the road.

For a long time, it’s kept me from seriously considering running as a way to keep myself fit.

That and the fact that I have never enjoyed running – not since that time our coach in Middle School gym class made us run laps the whole class.

But I’ve realized that I’m believing a lie – and I’m applying it to running.

What’s the lie? I think it comes in various forms. Here are a few examples..

If it’s not easy or doesn’t feel good to you, don’t do it.

Enjoyment is most important.

You can have what you want without doing the work to accomplish it.

That last one, in particular, is a killer… and it’s everywhere in our day.

A few days back I heard someone make the observation that we in the Western world live in a time in history when we don’t have to struggle for much in the way of basic necessities.

• The majority of us have food-o-plenty.

• We have a roof over our heads.

• None of us is walking around naked (at least not because we don’t have clothes).

We don’t have to struggle for what we want in the most basic areas of life and that can (and apparently does) lead us to think that all of life should be that way.

But it’s not. Clearly.

Nevertheless, we buy the lie without thinking (like I have, about running) and live as if it IS true.

So, I’ve started running.

On the treadmill. Down my street and back. On purpose.

I’m doing it as a mental exercise – like lifting weights to gain muscle I’m pushing myself into something I don’t particularly enjoy in order to build a stronger mindset and ultimately to break the power of the lie.

• I want my WILL to be stronger than petty likes and dislikes.

• I want my commitment to doing what is BEST to outweigh my desire for ease.

So, I’m one of those unhappy-looking runners now.

And I AM happy about it.


What’s your current struggle to THINK right so you can DO right? I’d love to pray for you, so hit “reply” and let me know.