How often should I blog?

by | Feb 10, 2014 | blogging, Business, internet businss

How often should I blog?

It’s not as easy to answer this question as you might think. There are lots of opinions out there, each one coming from its own unique perspective. And that’s good, because the right answer for you is probably as unique as you and the purposes you’re trying to accomplish.

In this post I’m going to quickly tell you two scenarios in my life, which impact my answer to the question, “How often should I post to my blog?”

For both of the sites I’m going to talk about, the question “What’s the purpose of the blog?” is the deciding factor on how I answer the frequency question. Here we go


BOXLOGOI have an online course website. It’s designed for folks who are studying to become a mortgage loan originator. The site contains a video study-methods course and a multimedia e-book that I created. My purpose for that site is to get folks to sign up for the study methods course, so that I can help them pass the NMLS safe exam… with the result of generating passive income for me. That is the one and only purpose of the site.

That site has a blog. I write helpful posts about study mindsets and hacks for the NMLS test. In that situation, I just want the content out there, so that it is spidered by Google, Yahoo, Bind, etc., and potentially driving traffic to my blog. So, I blog as often as I can, and I don’t schedule the posts to trickle out, like many blogs do. Why? Because I just want the content out there, driving traffic to my site through organic search. My blogging schedule on that site is feeding my purpose.


jigsawlogo3I have another site that is totally different. Christian Home and Family is a resource for Christian parents. I blog, post videos, provide books and resources such as Christian life coaching and intensive marriage counseling.

On that website, I’m building a following, a community of like-minded people. It’s not like the other site, where it’s a one-time or one-season interaction. It’s a context where I want to nurture relationships and build a community, through providing helpful, ongoing resources.

That’s a context where I DO WANT the content to drip out a little at a time, because I want to build a readership and “family” centered around the theme of the site. If I were to post everything once, I’d overwhelm people, and they’d stop being interested in what I have to say. So on that site, the slow-drip concept seems to be best for my purpose. I schedule my posts to come out in consumable chunks, and not too often. I want people to have the time to read what I write and interact with it.

The site this post is on, is somewhat like the last one too. I want you to feel this is both a resource and a community. So, I don’t blog in chunks, and I typically schedule the posts to come out sporadically.

Do you see how the purpose of your blog/site really matters when it comes to how often you post to your blog?