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by | Sep 11, 2015 | mindset, mindset reset

Everyone has a set of Mindset beliefs.

They may be positive, negative, optimistic, pessimistic, self-condemning, self-affirming, etc.

You get the picture – we all have them.

Do you know where your mindset beliefs come from?

  • How did you get them?
  • Are they inherent to the way God made you?
  • Can they be changed?

That’s the point of this Morning Mindset Reset… they CAN be changed, and I’m going to share 5 steps you can follow to get that process rolling.

And notice, it IS a process – a very difficult one you’ll have to commit yourself to.

And the greatest news is that your’e not alone in this task: Jesus is there to help you.

You can revamp your mindset by replacing your incorrect beliefs, systematically, with truth.

This video highlights 5 steps you can take to do exactly that.

periI’d love for you to join me “live” on Periscope each weekday morning, 8AM mountain time for MORNING MINDSET RESET.

Most of the fun of it is that there’s a way for you to interact, ask your questions, take part in the discussion, etc. How can you join me?