Growing Leaders For The Church – The Elder Training Handbook Story

Growing Leaders to serve in the local church is one of the best ways to find leaders.

It’s really discipleship the way it’s meant to be.

  • Identify faithful, available, teachable men.
  • Assess their readiness and understanding of the Elder role.
  • Equip them with what they need to serve.

And you have your own ready-made home-grown leader.

But it takes time to grow leaders, doesn’t it?

And you have to have some sort of system to follow so you don’t miss anything important.

Here’s my story… how I started from scratch to create my own resource for identifying, assessing, and equipping men for the role of Elder in the local churches where I pastored.

How the Elder Training Handbook Was Created (my story)


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What’s inside the Elder Training Handbook to help you grow leaders in your church?



And you don’t have to go it alone growing leaders for your church. Here’s how I include the entire church family…