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by | Oct 13, 2022 | Grace, Mercy, Prayer

Good morning, Jesus. Today I am particularly aware of Your mercy. I deserve none of this. From my heartbeat and brainwaves to the wonderful life we live in two different parts of the country, it’s all grace, lavished on me because of Your mercy and love.

Morning Prayer posts like this one come straight from my daily devotional times with the Lord and are presented for your thoughtful consideration. I hope they build up your faith.

I am chosen, not compensated.

  • Compensation infers a debt that is owed, and You don’t owe me a thing. Yet, you give it.
  • Instead, You have chosen me of Your own will and for Your own purpose.

I am created, not discovered.

  • You did not discover something in me that You could use, rather, You made me as I am TO use.

I am appointed, not invited.

  • Though there is a sense in which I am invited (Whosoever will…), I accepted the invitation because You appointed and enabled me to do so.

I am empowered, not utilized.

  • Utilization implies making use of something that already exists (like I utilize electricity to charge the tablet upon which I’m writing these words), but nothing exists that You did not create for its specific purpose – including me.
  • That means You have empowered me to be who I am and to accomplish particular good works that You have appointed for me (Ephesians 2:8-10).

All of those statements help me remember how in-control, how sovereign You are… and how less-than-significant I am to Your plan. My part is the part You have made for me, a spot on the tool rack that is especially fitting for me, because You deemed it to be so. I get to be a part of what You are doing by Your merciful choice and nothing else.

My sinful choices remind me of these facts, driving home the truth that I am nothing of significance apart from You (John 15:5). Your presence in my life is the only thing that MAKES me significant in any way.

Were You removed from my life, I’d blow chaotically into nothingness, for in You all things hold together, me included (Colossians 1:17).

Thank You for Your mercy, Your love, Your grace. I am humbled and want to more consistently live as a humble, thankful man.

Give me a mind sharp enough to remember these realities in the moments when I forget them. Nothing is about me. It’s all about You. Remind me when I need to remember it.





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