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by | Jan 23, 2018 | Goals, Uncategorized

One of my Facebook friends said, “I’m tired of goal setting. I’m ready for goal doing.”



The point of setting goals is achieving them.




That requires…

  • an understanding of what you SHOULD be pursuing in the first place
  • a clear plan as to how you will achieve it
  • the self-discipline that methodically moves a step closer to accomplishing the goal every day


There are helpful details within each of those points but the point for now is this: Most people are surprised how quickly they are able to accomplish goals – even life-long goals simply by getting those 3 things in place and operating.


But before we move into laying the groundwork beneath those things… we have to start with this:


What ARE goals?


A goal is a clear objective you are taking regular, active steps toward accomplishing.


Read that again.


If you are NOT moving towards a thing you want to accomplish in regular, practical ways, it is not a goal – it is a wish.


That distinction is critical to the “goal doing” mindset.


Goals never “just happen.” They are accomplished.


And YOU are the one who will accomplish YOUR goals, with God’s insight, strength, and help.




By the way, these assignments won’t help if you don’t do them.


  1. Write out my definition of a goal on a sticky note
  2. Take it with you throughout your day
  3. Set an alarm on your phone to sound every hour throughout the day
  4. When the alarm goes off, take out your note, read it ALOUD to yourself, and ask God to show you the things you should set as goals for yourself at this point in your life




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