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Getting started is hard.

But it’s the most powerful thing we can do from our current vantage point.

Consider the significance of getting started with:

  • Your New Year’s fitness goals
  • A much needed 12 step program
  • A difficult conversation with someone you love
  • Exploring why you feel physically “under the weather”
  • Changing your financial future
  • Improving your marriage
  • That website or blog or product or business you’ve been considering

Why do we find it so hard to get started?

I think for a lot of reasons, but the one that is most gripping is this:

The present discomfort is more comfortable than the unknown

It’s a bit dysfunctional, but true.

[tweetthis]We tend to prefer something that isn’t working but is familiar, to something that might work but is unfamiliar.[/tweetthis]
  • We think routine is always our friend, when sometimes it’s our worst enemy.
  • We believe that known is better than unknown.
  • We rest in what is familiar, no matter how gut wrenching it continues to be.

But deep down we know we need to get started, to take the first step toward changes that could bring about…

something different

something better

something we’ve always dreamed about but never believed could be real for someone like us.

The first hump is the hardest. Push your way over it and get started.