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by | Apr 3, 2023 | Email Advice

EMAIL ADVICE: I’m interested in fasting, can you tell me more?

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Email Advice

This is an "Email Advice" post...

I often receive emails that ask for my advice. When it feels that the things the Lord gives me to say in response to these requests could be helpful for others, I post the question (anonymously) and my responses here. May God use them for His glory and the equipping of His people.


I would like more books or anything on how to fast for spiritual reasons.

I listened to your podcast today on the internet about the above topic and it ministered to me. I find it difficult to fast because my body always triggers headaches and stomach pains when I fast and so, most times I drink water or tea to stop the headaches or hunger pangs. Is this ok?


I have some questions about fasting and a prayer request. I am going through a divorce, and I am also currently deployed overseas right now. I really feel like I have ruined my future, and strayed from Gods will for my life. My heart is hurting like I have never felt before. I am in prayer constantly, and my devotions are every morning and evening and I listen to your podcast every other day. I am trying to reach out to the Lord for peace, mercy for mistakes/sin, and joy. So after your podcast this morning about fasting made me want to try that out to get closer to God and hopefully find some peace in Him. Any advice for the fast would be great. How long should it be? Do I drink water? My prayer request for you, is that God would show me what His will is for me when I return from deployment (I will not have a job or home to return to). And that God would give me peace and joy again.


How do I groove a habit with fasting? I have never been disciplined enough to do this.

I appreciate your questions and hope I can provide some help, based on my experience and biblical knowledge.

For a general overview of the spiritual purposes of fasting, please listen to this helpful audio from Pastor John Piper. His thoughts are the same as my own.

Regarding HOW to fast from a practical standpoint, I’ve never fasted without water. There are only two instances in scripture where fasting was clearly done without water being consumed (Moses and Jesus) and both of these are considered “supernatural” fasts by scholars.

I don’t suspect God calls many people to this kind of fasting.

The traditional and typical way to fast DOES include drinking water, and can be for any length of time.

I recommend you prayerfully consider how long to fast, and start with small amounts of time. Even missing one meal for the sake of drawing close to the Lord can be very worthwhile. Follow the mental and emotional principles outlined in Pastor John’s audio and you’ll have a great opportunity to benefit as you should.

Over the years, I’ve fasted for short and long periods of time – the longest being for 40 days – and it was a “juice fast,” meaning, I drank juice and water but consumed no food during that time.

When I first began experimenting with fasting, I was helped tremendously by the writings of Dr. Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ (cru). The cru website provides this extremely helpful page about fasting, which is based on Dr. Bright’s writings (I assume). It’s very similar to what I recall reading.

I hope that’s helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.





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