I work with you for your joy.

2 Corinthians 1:24

What IS coaching?

The aim of coaching is to help you discover who God has created you to be, become aware of how you operate in the world, and begin making choices that will set you on a better path – in life or in business.

When that approach is directed by the truth of God and guided by the Holy Spirit, there is truly no limit to the transformation that can happen and the joy that will flood your life.

Coaching is a unique opportunity for you to…

Break through obstacles – Transform your thinking

Live up to your potential – Build personal discipline

Heal and strengthen relationships – Leverage a business for kingdom work

and as a result…

Maximize your life for God’s glory!

Christian life coach - who i work withWho I Work With

  • People hungry for new results in life or business
  • Difference makers (or those who want to be)
  • Humble souls willing to examine themselves and change
  • People ready to work hard, live accountably, and strive for God’s best
  • Pastors, missionaries, church staff who need a personal or career reset
  • Those who know there is more to faith and purpose in Christ but can’t seem to find it
  • Married couples struggling to find common ground or overcome a setback in their relationship
  • Christian business owners seeking insight toward greater success
  • Those who desire to powerfully integrate their faith into business or entrepreneurial endeavors