Transformational Life & Business Coach

The power of God fueling your life & business is NOT wishful thinking…

Business Experience

Education & Qualifications

MA – Trinity Theological Seminary

BA – Colorado Christian University

Ordained Pastor

20 Years Pastoral Ministry

Prayer & Resolution Counselor

Exchanged Life Instructor

It’s a promise God has made to those brave enough to set aside what they’ve always believed, take Him at His word, and learn what it truly means to “walk in the Spirit” (Galatians 5:16).

When you learn to live that out, it supernaturally transforms your family, your relationships, your business, your legacy.

THAT is what Christ-centered coaching should help you achieve. That’s what God has equipped me to lead you into.

Am I the right coach for you?

I might be if…

  • Your faith doesn’t seem real, genuine, or personal
  • You struggle to know how to apply the Bible to life and business.
  • You battle condemning/negative thoughts, stress, or worry.
  • Your work-life balance is non-existent or strained.
  • Your home/family has suffered because of your career/work.
  • Your want more to show for your life that business success alone.

If you said, “That’s me” to any of those questions and you’re willing to listen, learn, and do some of the hardest soul-level work you’ve ever done, we should talk. God’s got some great things in store for you.