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by | Sep 6, 2016 | Uncategorized

Finding and equipping the right people for church leadership is one of the most important tasks in the church…

And I’ve had my share of struggles through the years.

I mean, it’s hard to find the RIGHT men to serve as Elder. And it’s even harder to know IF they are the right men for the role.

As I had to face the task I found that my biggest struggle was in getting to know the potential men in a way that enabled me to discern if they were a good fit.

Just like a job interview – anybody can fake it long enough to impress the one doing the interviewing. And that’s not to say that anyone intentionally fakes it – but we all DO put our best foot forward.

So… as I found myself in need for better tools I finally came to the point that I had to create one for myself.

My solution to the church leadership needs in my churches was to create the Elder Training Handbook.

This guide for identifying and equipping men for the role of Elder is powerfully practical… from assessment to evaluation to installation.

This workbook-style handbook is designed to help church leaders do just that, in a wise, careful, and thoroughly Biblical way.

Some contexts where this handbook may be helpful:

  • When an existing Elder team needs to bring others onto their team
  • When a Pastor needs to establish an Elder team from scratch
  • When an Elder team needs a “refresher” about their role, or would like additional training regarding the Biblical mandate for Elders
  • As a discipleship curriculum for men, where the role of Elder is held up as a “model” for how they can lead their families with the heart of a shepherd
church leadership training - buy the bookchurch leadership training PDF version for free

This handbook is not offered as a magic formula or fool-proof method for finding or equipping men for the role of Elder. No such thing exists. Scripture clearly teaches that men are only appointed to the role of Elder by the determination of the Holy Spirit (Acts 20:28).

Instead, this handbook is designed to serve as a tool in that Spirit-led process. It is an aid in discerning the will of the Spirit, first through assessment of the man being considered, and secondly through training for those who appear to be called to serve as Elders.

With over 260 study questions, a variety of self-assessment tools, scripture memorization, and “quizzes” to test the candidate’s understanding and application of the concepts included, The Elder Training Handbook is a serious-minded tool for discovering, encouraging, and equipping men to shepherd, protect, and lead the New Testament church.