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by | Dec 16, 2022 | Blog Casserole

Military + Chrisitan = Thundering Legion

One of our board members for Not A Needy Person is also a Captian/Pilot in the Air Force. His name is Trevor.

Trevor and some friends have a heart to help those in the military who also follow Christ to keep their heads on straight and their priorities aligned.

So they’ve started a podcast (great idea).

You can read about the actual “Thundering Legion” that inspired Trevor and his friends to name their podcast as they did.

You can find the Podcast: Thundering Legion here.

Infidelity does not have to end your marriage

A couple of Morning Mindset listeners – Steve and Lisa – have walked the path of infidelity and are using the journey they’ve walked – from hurt to hope – to help others.

God has called them to start “Side by Side” – a ministry specifically aimed at helping couples who have experienced the betrayal of infidelity to make their marriages whole again, with God’s help.

If you’re walking that path now, or know someone who is, use this link (share).

You just might help turn someone from hoplessness to hope.

I’m wrapping up The Pendragon Cycle by Stephen Lawhead

and I have to say that as the series has progressed I’ve become more and more disappointed. Lawhead continues to be an amazing writer and a compelling storyteller, but the content has become… let’s say, odd.

What started out with very little “magic” and wierd supernatural stuff has gone full-bore into it in book four “Grail.” Granted, the myth of the Holy Grail is one based on supernatural stuff, and we DO have a supernatural God. But the way things are characterized in the book(s) simply make me feel uncomfortable. I keep asking myself, “Why can’t he represent God and the supernatural in ways that are tied to biblical truth, instead of coming up with his own ideas?”┬á

And the final book “Avalon” is a modern-day past-life-regression-ish storyline that has thrown me WAY off. Not only did I not expect it, it feels incongruent with the rest of the series.

Finally, and the reasons I will not be recommending the serires going forward, there are a number of sexually titilating scenes that don’t need to be there. Yes, the evil woman is evil and a seductress, but that point can be made without such lurid descriptions.

At this point, I can’t recommend the series. Sorry Stephen.


Just as he was turning back to the festivities a movement on the road caught his eye. A rider was just entering the town. Hon corralled a neighbor boy, pointed out the rider, and sent him to lead the man to the grove since nobody would be in town. Within minutes the boy returned with the rider who dismounted from an obviously exhausted horse.

“Hello,” Hon said, walking to meet the man. Sandip and Hector strode up behind him. “Looks like you’ve been riding some time.”

“Yes, from around the southern end of The Ridge. I’m looking for Hon.”

“That’s me,” Hon volunteered. “You’ve come on my wedding day.”

“Wedding day? So sorry to interrupt such a joyful time, especially with the news I bring.”

“What news?”

“Your father, Stewart. He’s been taken by Rajic’s men. They say the only way you’ll see him alive again is if you surrender yourself and confess that you are a spy.”

From the second book in my Fiction Speculative Fantasy series: The Dragon Slayer Chronicles.