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Teaching God’s Word Is My Calling

As you may have heard me say on the Morning Mindset, I’m a retired Pastor who just can’t seem to retire. That’s because I can’t shake the belief that the gifts God has given me to clearly teach His word clearly and with conviction are to be used. And I don’t want to shake it – because I love it.

I’d love to serve you, your organization, or your church by teaching at any events or services where you feel my gifts would be of benefit. 

Here’s what you can expect when I speak at your event:

  • Exegetical teaching, verse by verse
  • Clear application for life
  • Faithfulness to what the text says
  • Honesty about my life and the struggles I’ve faced
  • A commitment to integrity in delivery and interaction
  • The same person, on and off the platform

In planning our yearly pastor’s retreat for our church association we invited Carey Green to serve as our guest speaker. He spoke extensively on the topics of marriage and family. During the retreat, Carey brought biblical and personal experiences that were fresh, inspirational and relative. Carey shares a persistent passion to see the marriage and family live in the full blessing of the Lord. He does not speak from theory but from many years of personal experience and biblical training. I give my highest recommendation for Carey Green to serve as a guest speaker, marriage/family coach, or any other event that emphasizes the family unit.

Monty Mora

Former Lead Pastor, Fountain of Life Church, Pueblo, Colorado

We invited Carey to be the speaker at our Spritual Life Conference. What we experienced was not just a series of messages from his extensive knowledge, but a series of sharings from the intersection of his life, his faith, his walk with Christ, and his great desire to see others grow in their faith and walk. Our people were truly blessed and challenged. I would highly recommend Carey as a speaker for any purpose in any venue. You will be challenged and blessed.

Larry Huddleston

Former Lead Pastor, Good Samaritan Community Church, Kissemme, Florida

My Work As A Christian Speaker

SERMON: That Was Then, This Is Now

The entire book of Ephesians is framed like one big “IF/THEN” statement. The first 3 chapters explain the “IF” portion – the truths behind our identity in Christ and the reality of Jesus’ glorious redemption. The last 3 chapters describe the “THEN” portion – the practical impact those truths have on our lives. This is one of my all-time favorite sermons because of the dramatic impact it can have on practical issues of life. This message was presented at Clearview Community Church in Buena Vista, Colorado.

SERMON: Who IS This?

Jesus is more than a religious figure and more than a cultural icon like Martin Luther King, Jr. He is the KING of all creation, the very one upon whom all of creation depends for its existence. This message is drawn from Mark chapter 4 and is an awe-inspiring look into the reality of WHO our Savior really is. Those who truly grasp this truth and let it settle into their souls will never, ever be the same. This message was presented at Clearview Community Church in Buena Vista, Colorado.

Audio Samples From My Various Podcasts

Carey’s insight to life has had a huge impact on me and my husband. His inspiring words have helped us in so many ways. If you haven’t heard him yet, you need to!

Dr. Mishea Mueller

Doctor of Chiropractic, Rise Optimal Living Center

I have known Carey for years and have always been impressed with his speaking ability both as a preacher from a pulpit and a communicator of ideas. I highly recommend Carey to any church or organization looking for an articulate spokesperson.

Tom Dages

Associate Pastor and Author "The Lancing of My Soul", Clearview Community Church, Buena Vista, CO


  • Why are you here? – God’s meaning for your life
  • Christ in You, the hope and power of your life
  • Believe in yourself? Not on your life!
  • Business that glorifies God and blesses the world
  • Work/life balance – What does it mean and is it possible?
  • Believe Think Feel Act: Reality of A Transformed Life
  • God-Fearing Kids and The Parents Who Raise Them
  • The Christ-Honoring Marriage: Roles and Blessings

Please consider how God might use me to minister to your group at couple’s retreats, men’s groups, Sunday sermons, customized parenting or marriage seminars, and more.

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