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by | Feb 6, 2015 | coaching

and I’d like to hear your opinion!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog – and for good reason.

Life has taken turns I never expected. But God has been good.

As most of you know, I’ve been a Pastor in local churches for the majority of my adult life. I’ve preached, discipled, written, and encouraged toward healthier practices and mindsets for the church family for years. But a few years back the LORD took me out of that ministry.

No, nothing scandalous happened, just a redirection.

One of the first things I had to do (and am still doing) was to provide for my family. No income is not a good thing. So, I’ve been working hard to find a place in the business world and the LORD has truly been blessing. I now have my own podcast production service, a few online courses, and books that bring in a bit of income every month as well. It’s been a fun ride learning how to do online business and make things work to provide for my family in the modern world. And the LORD has been so faithful to teach me, lead me to the resources I need, and bless the work of my hands.

But that’s taken a lot (LOT) of time.

Thus, it’s been a very long time since I posted on this site. But that’s all about to change… mainly because the LORD is giving me a fresh vision of some things I can do to make my presence in the online business world a kingdom-of-God oriented thing. In fact, I see a mission field out there in the entrepreneurial world that I’ve never noticed before, and I’m eager to to be more proactive in it.

There’s at least three areas to this new focus…

1 The impact I can have on clients, peers, and co-workers as I work to make my business efforts successful.

It’s amazing how willing people are to open up their lives to a caring person in the online business world. It’s an openness and willingness to grow and connect that I’ve not seen in the local church in years.

I’m not knocking what’s going on in organized churches. The LORD is doing great things inside those walls. But there are so many hearts out there in the 9 to 5 business world and the entrepreneurial space who would never go to church. But many of them will interact with a caring person on the other end of the phone or chat window. And that’s exactly what I’m experiencing.

2 The blessing I can be to clients and the people who help me run my business.

In providing the services and products I do, I’m able to add value to the lives of people across the globe. Their businesses and therefore their homes are impacted in a positive way by the things I am able to build and sell. It’s amazing to see the LORD move my heart to be generous in what I do so that people are benefited and blessed.

But there’s also the folks who work for me… well, the people I outsource things to. Some are in the U.S., but some will eventually be in places like the Philippines. I’m excited to be able to be a source of financial blessing for competent, hard-working people who might otherwise not be able to make a living. That really excites me!

3 And then there’s the other Christians I rub digital shoulders with out there in the online business communities

I run one of those communities – and it’s amazing the types of things I see posted in there.

I’m not being judgmental here – just trying to be discerning.

  • There’s a lot of “fluff” out there (a nice word) passing off as “coaching” – and I can’t stand stand to sit by and do nothing about it. If people need guidance (and many do) they need guidance that is speaking the truth in love, not some “law of attraction” fluff in Christian garb (Or should I say “garbage?”).
  • Too many believers are a raging success at work (or in their own business) but their homes are in shambles. That is truly a shame, and I aim to challenge that situation as much as the LORD will enable me to.

Toward those ends, I’m re-branding myself (Though I don’t really care for that word, I get what it means and why it’s helpful).

Now I’m thinking of myself as a…

Business Pastor and Transformational Coach

In a nutshell I believe that means that God has equipped and called me to help Christian business folks transform their life and their business.

And it has to happen in that order.

A business success + a family failure = a life failure.

Get that? It’s the biblical truth. People are more important than things – and business success is a thing.

And the Bible is full of truth that can transform people, truth that will make them new creations.

The LORD is guiding me to put together some courses, networks, and other resources to help those who are willing to change, grow, and learn. I want to help them maximize their lives and businesses according to His designs for them as an individual.

It’s hard personal work before it ever translates into business success. And it may not ever get to the level of success the business owner or entrepreneur imagines. But it will be God’s success for them. And that is ALWAYS enough.

So, I’ll be positioning myself as a personal and business coach – all flowing from an entirely biblical perspective. I’d love for you to poke around the website a bit and let me know what you thing.

And I’d love to hear what you think of this new direction, too.