Learn how successful entrepreneurs excel in the areas of productivity, creativity, connections, and overall success!

These are hard-learned insights of successful entrepreneurs taking you on a guided tour of how they think about their lives and how they organize to do amazing things in the world! (Listed alphabetically by last name):

Andrea Beltrami, Donnie Bryant, Stephanie Callahan, Julie Coraccio, Dan CraskRick Eliason,Eric Enge, Mark Evans, DM, DN, Susan Finch, Chery Gegelman, Carey Green, Ryan Healy, Owen Hemsath,Phyllis Khare, Jim Kukral, Daniel J. Lewis, Nick Loper, Ande Lyons, Shawn Manaher, Kenneth Manesse, Sr.,Tom Morkes, Katrina Pfannkuch, John Ramstead Tom RolfsonMartin Shervington, Lany Sullivan, and Tommy Walker.

You’d expect only the best insights and wisdom from a group like that, and it’s exactly what you’ll get in “Entrepreneur Mind Hacks.”





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Find the tools you need to RECHARGE your relationship with God – through learning a variety of mindsets and methods to make your daily quiet time with God a source of growth, encouragement, and spiritual vitality. God’s Word (the Bible) is powerful. So powerful it can transform your life!

But too often people get stuck in daily devotional ruts because they don’t realize that there are HUNDREDS of ways to study and learn the truth of God’s word. God’s truth is there, they just don’t know how to uncover it.

In RECHARGE you are going to learn practical mindsets and methods to studying the word of God that can help you keep your daily time with Him (quiet time) fresh, alive, and meaningful.

  • Learn about how you need to THINK about your daily time with God.
  • Learn 7 different METHODS to use to study and learn God’s word
  • Learn how to APPLY God’s truth to your own life.
  • And as an added BONUS learn a way to organize your prayer lists and requests that can help you stay on top of them, pray for them regularly, and actually pray for people when you say you will. That tip along could RECHARGE your prayer life and is worth the cost of the book.

Daily time with God is essential for a growing Christian life

and you can’t become mature in Christ without it. Use this practical, simple, easy-to-follow guide to recharge your daily devotional/quiet time habits and find yourself eager to meet with God again.


Apply the principles in this book and watch God transform your marriage forever!

Marriage was created by God to be a wonderful blessing, to every married couple and to the watching world… but time,sin, and our culture can make keeping your marriage in good repair difficult at best.

In The Marriage Improvement Project (MIP), Pastor Carey Green draws on the word of God, his own marriage, and years of pastoral and marriage counseling to teach some of the foundational truths of how God intends marriage to be.

The MIP is designed for spouses to complete separately (separate copies are helpful), with team projects to work on periodically together. In the MIP, you’ll explore…

  • Marriage First
  • The Cleaving Principle
  • The Unity Principle
  • Communication is Key
  • Attacking Anger
  • The Husband’s Role
  • The Wife’s Role
  • The Principle of Sexual Sanity

If you want God to do miracles in your marriage, you have to take the first step! The Marriage Improvement Project is your road map!

8-6-14coverHere’s the resource for the brand-new, never-been-to-church-before person who is seriously seeking to know what Christianity is all about.

If you want to get to know God, but are confused by all the religious mumbo jumbo you hear at church, you’re not alone. Plenty of people find it hard to connect with God when they don’t understand the Christianese their Christian friends are speaking! (Yes, it is another language 🙂 But you’re in luck… or I should say, “You’re blessed by God!”

Moving Toward God, is truly a newbie’s guide to the basics of Christianity. In this book you’ll find out who God is, how Jesus is related to Him (besides being His Son), and how you can have eternal life, beginning now. You’ll find out what all the religious sounding lingo is all about, how to navigate your very own Bible, how to begin reading it, studying it, and learning how to pray to the God who wrote it.

You’ll find out what He expects of you and how He’s made the way for you to pull off everything He’s asking of you, without fail. Moving toward God is about the life-long journey of finding and knowing God and teaches you how to live out a personal relationship with Him day by day.


Moving toward God is set up in interactive studies that keep you engaged with what you’re learning. Think of it like a workbook that goes very simply and clearly through every topic.

  • There are questions to answer.
  • There are exercises to complete.
  • There are prayers to pray.
  • There are thoughts to ponder.

And it’s all in a very simple, easy to understand format that will keep you engaged with what can be some very deep stuff! So don’t be nervous, just grab a copy of Moving toward God and dive on in! Spiritual growth and Christian learning don’t have to be complicated – Moving Toward God proves it!

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This guide for identifying and equipping men for the role of Elder is powerfully practical… from assessment to evaluation to installation.

The role of Elder is perhaps one of the most important roles in the world, since the church is both the body and bride of Jesus. That means church leaders need more than surface opinions about the men who might possibly fit the role of Elder. They need a way to evaluate and train those candidates.

This workbook-style handbook is designed to help church leaders do just that, in a wise, careful, and thoroughly Biblical way.

Some contexts where this handbook may be helpful:

  • When an existing Elder team needs to bring others onto their team
  • When a Pastor needs to establish an Elder team from scratch
  • When an Elder team needs a “refresher” about their role, or would like additional training regarding the Biblical mandate for Elders
  • As a discipleship curriculum for men, where the role of Elder is held up as a “model” for how they can lead their families with the heart of a shepherd

This handbook is not offered as a magic formula or fool-proof method for finding or equipping men for the role of Elder. No such thing exists. Scripture clearly teaches that men are only appointed to the role of Elder by the determination of the Holy Spirit (Acts 20:28).

Instead, this handbook is designed to serve as a tool in that Spirit-led process. It is an aid in discerning the will of the Spirit, first through assessment of the man being considered, and secondly through training for those who appear to be called to serve as Elders.

With over 260 study questions, a variety of self-assessment tools, scripture memorization, and “quizzes” to test the candidate’s understanding and application of the concepts included, The Elder Training Handbook is a serious-minded tool for discovering, encouraging, and equipping men to shepherd, protect, and lead the New Testament church.


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The story of Hon, a young boy snatched away from his home during a dragon attack on his village, and the struggle of growing up orphaned in a strange new land. This “coming of age” story follows Hon’s hard-learned lessons as He becomes the first of the Dragon Slayers.

Book 2 final cover only

The Dragon Lords rise against all who oppose them, throwing the lands into a fearful darkness. But others are rising as well, the dragon slayers; an uncommon band of men who join together to destroy their common threat and free their lands from the tyranny of the Dragon Lords.

DRAGON SLAYER: RISING is available now in Ebook or Paperback!


A rollicking, romping good time in the Jungle of Boon. Join the elephant princess as she searches for a way to overcome the bad monkey Zebow who has captured her father, the elephant King and has taken over the land!


Horatio Alger, Jr. was a very popular author during the 1800s. His works focused on adventurous young boys who set out to find their fortune and had to overcome many obstacles along the way. His adventure books were loved by millions back in the 1800s… and their timeless lessons of courage, honesty, and hard work are of tremendous benefit to us today.

This is a 3-book set I compiled from Alger’s original work – A compilation of 3 books, known as the “Pacific” series. They are filled with adventure, danger, challenges, and stories of Tom Nelson rising from difficult situations to great success. The lessons learned here are invaluable skills to help children grow.

This is the entire “Pacific” series all in one book (never before provided by any publisher)

  • Original text of all three book texts (“The Young Adventurer,” “The Young Miner,” and “The Young Explorer” along with an additional original biography of Horatio Alger.
  • Some words have been updated for modern readers’ reading enjoyment.

    Only available in Kindle format – sorry.