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I feel offended by Jesus

Jesus said some painfully hard things to people who had great hearts. The first guy in this passage expressed his eagerness to become a Christ-follower and instead of delighting in his decision, Jesus points out how hard it will be. The second guy had an important...

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Preaching to the social media choir

Preaching to the choir. It's a phrase used to express the ridiculousness of speaking with conviction to people who are already convinced of your position. But through the sweet and gentle correction of a trusted friend I've come to notice that I do it all the time on...

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Get off the drama bus

DRAMA: An exaggerated amount of emotion or excitement in relationship to the events to which it pertains. I wonder what might happen if we made a conscious decision, everyday, to get off the drama bus? If we refused to talk in exaggerated terms about things that...

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Today is the day

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. ~ Psalm 118:24 THIS is the day... It's the only one you've been given. You may not get another. In all it's blessings and sorrows. It's yours to do ill or good. It's yours to mope around in or...

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White chocolate differences

The first time I encountered white chocolate was a wonder-filled experience. My older brother had come home from our little town's brand new shopping mall, a greatly anticipated marvel I had yet to see. With the light of a sage beaming from his face he extended his...

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