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Becoming an online entrepreneur is not easy…

You’ve got to ask and answer some very vital questions:

  • Am I wired to be an entrepreneur?
  • I’ve got an idea for a business, but how do I know if it will work or crash and burn?
  • If I’m wired for this, what is it I’m called to do as an entrepreneur?
  • What type of business should I begin?

And a few more…

I’m the first to say that being an online entrepreneur is not for everyone

There are certain characteristics, personality traits, and skills you need to possess in order to make a go of it as an entrepreneur. The skills can be taught/learned – the other stuff – not so much.

So how do you know if entrepreneurism is for you before you take the plunge? Is there a way?

There is… and I’m working on it now.

online entrepreneur starter kitMy “Online Entrepreneur Starter Kit” is going to be exactly that and a ton more. My plan is to set it up with a first module that is all about assessment – answering those questions before you invest a ton in the rest of the journey.

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I see no reason why I can’t offer a “not for me” guaranteeso I plan to do so.

Basically that means that if someone decides to purchase the course, gets through the assessment module on the front-end, and determines they are not meant to be an entrepreneur – I’ll give them their money back, and they can keep the course to pass along to someone else.

And every bit of it will be Jesus-soaked, eternally minded counsel from a guy who’s spent his life pointing others to the Savior. It should be no different when it comes to business, right?

How does that sound? 

Here’s a rough outline of the “Online Entrepreneur Starter Kit” (subject to improvement as I build it out)


  1. Am I wired to be an entrepreneur?
  2. Yes – jump in to module 2
  3. No? – get a refund and keep the course


  1. What is it about being an entrepreneur that appeals to you?
  2. Assessing the types of income possible (recurring, one-time, time-for-money, consulting, etc.)
  3. What is it you are called to do as an entrepreneur? (Finding your “why” and “what”)
  4. Business models (affiliate, services, digital products, info products, tangible goods, etc.)
  5. Evaluating business ideas – is my idea a good one that meets a need?
  6. Creating your product/service
  7. Pricing your product/service
  8. Getting your business organized


  1. Setting business goals
  2. Finding your ideal customer/client (marketing the right way)
  3. Customer support/relations
  4. Outsourcing- what, why, how, and how not
  5. Scaling your business (planning for growth)
  6. Long-term business practice

Here’s where I’d love to have your help…

I’m considering a price somewhere between $200 to $350 – it’s probably going to change some as I get the course built, simply because then I’ll know what it is I’m pricing!

It will include video teaching, resources, practical helps, and email support as needed.

So… that’s it. I’d love to have you respond to this post or contact me (carey at careygreen dot com) with answers to these questions:

  • Would this be a helpful resource to you? Someone you know?
  • Any additional topics you’d like to see included?
  • What do YOU think would be a reasonable price for this type of course?

Thanks for your time… I’m eager to get your feedback!