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by | Jan 16, 2018 | Goals

One of the things my Dad said that has lodged itself in my mind is this…


Nothing worth doing is easy.


And he lived that out. Not in world-changing, large-scale projects or accomplishments… but in ways that impacted MY world

  • our bills were always paid
  • we had food at every meal
  • there was never a doubt about my parent’s marriage lasting
  • home was a safe place


In order to accomplish those everyday things, he worked 6 days a week much of my younger years and as a much as 12 hours a day.


To him, providing for his family was a worthwhile thing – and he was willing to do any type of hard work necessary to make it happen.


So… before we get into the minutia of how to set and accomplish goals… know this… “Easy” has no place in setting and accomplishing goals.


No place.


Especially if you’ve not had much success at setting and accomplishing goals in the past, it could be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do in life.


But it’s also one of the most rewarding, God-honoring things you will ever do.




We’ll talk about that in future posts.


ASSIGNMENTS on the way…


In each installment of this goal-setting series I’m going to give you a daily assignment.


Do them.


Nothing in your goal-setting/accomplishing life will change if you shirk away from taking action.


Beware of the things that will prevent you from doing the daily work. Things like...

  • laziness
  • busy-ness
  • excuses
  • old habits
  • bad planning


It will undoubtedly be hard at points. But remember, nothing worth doing is going to be easy.




Ask God to prepare your heart, mind, and will to DO the hard work ahead. Ask Him to conquer fear, doubt, and laziness in you. Ask Himto be your strength and power to change the course of your life through this process of learning how to set and accomplish God-honoring goals.


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