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by | Dec 23, 2022 | Blog Casserole

Do you (or someone you know) feel trapped in an addiction?

I’ve long encouraged people to check out the ministry of “Setting Captives Free” to help them approach addiction recovery from a thoroughly Christ-centered perspective.

I’ve seen it work in the lives of a handful of people and the more I hear about people who are struggling to overcome porn addiction, alcohol addiction, or other substance abuse issues, the more I want people to know about this ministry.

And if you don’t feel you’re ready for a full-on frontal assault of your addiction, first of all, be VERY CAREFUL… that could be the enemy tempting you to avoid the obedience God is calling you to. I urge you to move forward, NOW!

Go there. Sign up for the free program. Get help.

They even have courses for spouses of those who are caught in the grip of addiction.

The ministry also has a podcast that you might find helpful.

Our NEW Christian Marriage podcast

Mindi (my wife) and I have been married for over 33 years at this point and the Lord has been SO good and faithful. Both of us, for many different reasons, would say that one of hte primary ways He’s blessed and grown us through those years has been through the vehicle of our marriage.

We feel He’s asking us to share the blessings He’s given us through a new podcast. While we’re not sure what the name of it will be yet, we are excited and hope to have it live someting in the first quarter of 2023.

We’ll be sure to make announcements on The Morning Mindset and Digging Deeper (our partners-only podcast, available to anyone who is a financial partner),. so be listening for those.

Most of all, be praying for us to approach this project with the Lord’s wisdom and from His perspective. Our human wisdom and approach to anything is pointless. Jesus needs to be living in and through us powerfully for the podcast to have any benefit.


I was recently interviewed on “Cool Explorations”

I don’t exactly recall how I met Tony Peters online, but he’s a radio and podcast host who explores subjects from a Christian standpoint. He recently invited me to be interviewed for his podcast, specifically to talk about the importance of a daily Christian mindset.

So, I’d love for you to not only hear those interviews, but to subscribe to/follow Tony’s podcast.

You can find our first interview here.

And we did a follow up conversation here.


At the sound of the visitors rising from the table, the young woman in the pantry pressed the side of her head against a sack of grain to push the folded cloth back into place over her left ear. She hoped her defiance would go undetected; if not, she knew the lash would follow. But what she had discovered was worth the risk.

Escaping the cruel hold of her master had been uppermost in her thoughts the past eleven years, but he had been very careful; no opportunity for escape had been allowed. But with what she knew from her eavesdropping, the desire to escape rose like a fire in her breast. These were no ordinary conspirators, they were of uncanny ability and ambition with resources beyond imagination. More importantly, she knew her master. He was a patient, calculating, evil man, whose calculated cruelty had taught her that he would not do anything before he thought it prudent or profitable. Her experience under his thumb also told her that the three visitors were at a disadvantage in the partnership, they did not know the power of the conniving intellect with which they were aligned. Time would teach them, she had no doubt.

She was a servant, slave to the miserable man in the other room, but possessed a hidden strength that now fueled her resolve; the truth of her true identity. She was Camille, daughter of Lord James Kendrick and the time had come to summon every ounce of resolve and courage within her to overcome every obstacle that had thus far prevented her from escape. She would do it. She must.

From the FIRST book in my Fiction Speculative Fantasy series: The Dragon Slayer Chronicles.