A wonderful GTD software tool that has scheduling capabilities! Good-bye Evernote!

by | May 2, 2012 | Leadership, Life, Pastoral, Random Stuff

I’m so stoked about this!  I can’t believe it – and am so thankful to the Lord.

OK, let me back up a bit.  I recently started learning about and practicing the “Getting Things Done“(affiliate link) time and project management system, and am loving it’s logical, simple way of managing tasks… and life in general.  I started using Evernote (a free software for productivity) at about the same time.  But I was a bit frustrated that Evernote did not have a “deadline” or “scheduling” function, to set dates by which certain tasks had to be completed.

Then today… I found THIS!

Nozbe(affiliate link)

Nozbe is obviously custom-made to be a GTD tool, and it’s well worth the $9.95 a month it costs me to subscribe.  I’ve found it to be much more helpful and functional for GTD than Evernote ever was!  Some of the main things I like about it…

  • It has a scheduling function… to the day, or just for a particular week.  Just what I needed most.
  • It can be connected to Evernote if need be (I’m not sure yet exactly why I’d do this, but time will tell).
  • It can be accessed via all smart phones (I’ll be using this a LOT), through web access or an application.
  • I am able to send tasks/notes to my assigned Nozbe email to place ideas in my “INBOX” (just like I did in Evernote, which was one of the best functions of it, in my opinion).
  • It’s centered around “Projects” AND “Contexts” rather than notes… so I can narrow the view so that I ONLY see the specific contexts or projects that I’m working on at the time.
  • It has a “Next Actions” function to help you get moving on your workload!
  • It’s much easier to set up to fit my preferences than Evernote was (in my humble opinion).
  • It has many of clear, helpful videos to explain the program and help you get started… including a 10 session “Get Things Done” video course! (You better believe that I’m watching every one of these… almost even as I type!)
  • It can be linked to a variety of other web services including… Evernote, Twitter, Jot, Gmail, Google Calendar, myYahoo, iGoogle, and Netvibes!
  • And has a GREAT affiliate program.  Paying subscribers get 20% of every referral – FOR THE LIFE OF THE REFERRED ACCOUNT!  Free users (limited time) get 10% of every referral – for the same lifetime deal.

I feel comfortable referring any busy person – a Pastor, a mom, a business person, etc. – so I am!

Check out the introductory video below… and click HERE to sign up for your own free trial!

Nozbe is simply the best Getting Things Done productivity software I’ve seen – Sign up HERE!