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by | Oct 16, 2022 | Blog Casserole

Of interest this week (at least to me)

My Dad was a bit of a fix-it guy. If it needed fixing, he could figure out how to fix it. He also built the house I grew up in by buying two smaller houses, moving them to the property he’d bought, and joined them together. Later, when I was in Middle School, he build a garage to attatch.

I think that’s where I get my interest in this sort of video. This one is particularly interesting… a guy who uses his table saw to create bowls. You have to see it to believe it.

Resources you can use 

Pray EFFECTIVELY, let God resolve.
A how-to process that helps everyday believers experience resolution by going directly to God in prayer.

That is the by-line of a ministry called “Cross Resources,” founded by the late Richard Smith and his wife Connie. I had the honor of being taught what they teach, known as “Prayer Resolution Counseling” at their home in Virginia many moons ago.

It’s the process my wife and I utilize in all our marriage intensive counseling to help couples get to the bottom of their past issues and build unity going forward.

If you are tired of the psyco-babble counseling you typically hear Christians droning on and on about, you will appreciate this biblical approach to letting the Holy Spirit of God be your Counselor.

What I’m reading

Years back I read “With Christ in the School of Prayer” (affiliate link) a devotional-style book by late author and Pastor Andrew Murray. (In case you don’t know, Murray is one of my favorite authors and most influential mentors – via his writing).

I recently picked it up again as I’ve thought about the prospect of old age being my reality one day. I don’t want the potential loss of writing, speaking, or ministering abilities to cause an identity crisis at that time in my life, so I’m going to be focused on learning to pray effectively now.

That way, except in the most extreme of circumstances, I can be fruitful for Christ even though incapacitated in other ways due to old age.

I highly recommend the book.


And for those interested, I have finally gotten my hands on a physical copy of Stephen Lawhead’s book, “Arthur.” It’s third in his fictional retelling of the King Arthur series, “The Pendragon Cycle.” I’ll be commenting on it here when I’m finished.

What I’m listening to (podcasts, usually)

If you work outside the home, or remotely interact with clients, customers, or business associates, you are in a mission field, no doubt. People there need Jesus and YOU are His representative there (along with others).

I appreciate the way Mike Henry, Sr. has approached this issue in his podcast and accompanying community, Follower of One. He speaks from the scripture daily (similar to the Morning  Mindset) applying the teaching to work-related issues.

Listen. Join one of his “Marketplace Mission Trips” (not what you think), and get involved in spreading the good news of the Kingdom to those you work with (or for).


When we offer ourselves to God, it’s not a once and for all thing that we don’t have to give a second thought to, it is the beginning of a daily process of becoming more and more “in tune” with what God desires for our lives to be like.

From my workbook, “Moving Toward God“, 19 lessons for spiritual growth.






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