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by | Sep 16, 2015 | Life, mindset, mindset reset

The Mindset Struggle is very real…

mindset struggle is real

The struggle to maintain a healthy mindset is real!

One day you wake up feeling great, ready to conquer the world!

The very next day you wake up feeling down or depressed and want to give up.

It’s a constant cycle that comes around at different intervals for different people, but the reality is that no matter what degree of difficulty you face personally, YOU have GOT to deal with your struggle to maintain and nurture a healthy, strong mindset.

There are 3 main reasons we struggle with keeping our healthy, truth-based mindset intact…

I cover all 3 in a bit more depth in the video below, but here they are…

  1. Body chemistry & health issues – hormones, physical disabilities, other biological limitations. These impact your ability to maintain the mindset you need.
  2. Habits – We all have habits of belief, habits of feeling, and habits of action. Many times “bad” habits fuel our struggle with mindset health.
  3. You leak – Simply put, your healthy mindset leaks out. You’ve got to refill the reservoir every single day.

How do you refill your mindset tank every day?

There are many strategies, but in this video I give you one very powerful, practical thing you can do to attack those negative mindset drains the minute the crop up.

I call it a “Mindset Reset List” or an “Anti-Depression List.” Watch the video to find out the whole scoop!


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