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I’ve never seen a happy runner

If you are a runner, I don't mean to offend... But I have noticed that runners never look happy while they are running. Sweat. Grimmaces. Outright painful expressions. That's what I typically see when I pass them on the road. For a long time, it's kept me from...

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I’m afraid of myself. Really.

This might be the weirdest verse in the whole Bible. Here's the story: Jesus just freed two wild men from demonic oppression. The demons left the men and inhabited a herd of pigs, which then went crazy (whatever pig-crazy looks like) and drown themselves in a nearby...

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I feel offended by Jesus

Jesus said some painfully hard things to people who had great hearts. The first guy in this passage expressed his eagerness to become a Christ-follower and instead of delighting in his decision, Jesus points out how hard it will be. The second guy had an important...

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